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Europski pogled na središnje bankarstvo i gospodarstvo

ESB‑ov blog nudi nove uvide u gospodarstvo i politike središnjeg bankarstva na osnovi naših podatka, analize i istraživanja, koji se odnose na kretanja u europodručju i izvan njega. Autori tekstova stručnjaci su ESB‑a i članovi Izvršnog odbora.

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6 September 2023

Need for speed on the Road to Paris

Moving towards carbon neutrality as quickly and boldly as possible is by far the best way to slow down climate change. It may take more effort in the short run, but in the long run it will cost less overall, says ECB Vice-President Luis de Guindos. We need to reach carbon neutrality to avoid existential risks to nature, people and our economies. And we need to start making changes soon. Procrastinating may be easier and less costly today, but means we will pay a higher price tomorrow: the damage to our environment and economies from rising temperatures will be much more severe. In fact, the sooner and faster we complete the necessary green transition, the lower the overall costs and risks. This is one of the main outcomes of our second economy-wide climate stress test. Let me talk you through the findings.

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