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Macroprudential Bulletin

Our Macroprudential Bulletin provides insight into the work we are currently doing in the field of macroprudential policy. Our goal is to raise awareness of macroprudential policy issues in the euro area by making our ongoing work and thinking in this field more transparent, and to encourage broader discussion on these key issues.

We aren’t trying to be transparent about our work just for the sake of it. This is also an opportunity to invite you to share your views with us by sending your feedback to You can also send us an email if you want to be notified about future issues of the Macroprudential Bulletin.

June 2024

Issue 24

Costs and benefits of a positive neutral rate for the countercyclical capital buffer

The early build-up of the countercyclical capital buffer through a positive neutral rate allows macroprudential authorities greater margin to support the economy in the event of shocks. The resulting more gradual build-up of the buffer also reduces the costs for the economy.

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