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Statistics are essential for making informed decisions

Sound financial and monetary statistics help us make informed decisions. The ECB and national central banks provide official statistics on the health of the economy.

These statistics support all aspects of the ECB's work, including monetary policy, financial stability and banking supervision.

Why do statistics matter?

0.5% of euro area GDP

Current account deficit vis-à-vis Russia

The annual euro area current account deficit vis-à-vis Russia increased to its highest level on record in the second quarter of 2022. This is mainly the result of surging prices for energy imports from Russia and the decline in exports driven by the EU sanctions.

ECB Economic Bulletin

Browse and download ECB statistics

All ECB official statistics are available free of charge in our comprehensive online data delivery service.

Statistical Data Warehouse

Monetary developments in the euro area

See the latest growth rates of loans to households and firms, as well as how quickly the money supply is increasing.

Statistics data releases on monetary developments

Statistics governance and quality framework

European national central banks place great importance on producing high-quality statistics. They are committed to good governance, use high quality standards and guarantee the confidentiality of information.

Governance and quality framework

More data on the financial sector beyond banks

Our data on euro area sector accounts now also include breakdowns for other financial institutions (OFIs), which constitute the second largest segment of the euro area financial sector.

Euro area sector accounts

Explore euro area inflation interactively

How is inflation measured and what is the difference between measured and perceived inflation? Find comparable and always up-to-date inflation data with interactive visuals and your personal inflation calculator, available in 23 EU languages.

Explore more

Explore euro area statistics

Take a look at visualisations and compare core euro area and national statistics on the “Euro Area Statistics” website. Here, you will find key economic data in an easy-to-digest format.

The statistics are available in all EU languages and are easy to embed in digital media.
The Statistics Paper Series (SPS) is a channel for statisticians, economists and other professionals to publish innovative work in statistics that is of interest to central banks.

Request statistical information from the ECB

Are you looking for specific ECB statistics? We follow a policy of free access and free reuse for our publicly released statistics. Send us a request specifying what you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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