Gender diversity is a driving force for performance. That’s why attracting, retaining and developing female talent at all levels is a strategic priority for the ECB.

Women at ECB

"At the ECB, our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive working culture. We want to use diversity to excel and to innovate!”

- Sabine Lautenschläger

To support a diverse and inclusive work environment, we have set gender targets for the end of 2019 and introduced a series of measures to help us reach them. These measures include a focus on inclusive leadership, diversity ambassadors in each business area, mentoring and a dedicated “women in leadership” training programme. We have also expanded the opportunities for flexible working hours and teleworking.
Gender targets

Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE)


In February 2019, Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) certified the ECB at its ASSESS level. EDGE provides leading certification for gender equality in the workplace.

Having independently assessed our efforts to foster gender equality, and benchmarked us against both global standards and our peers, EDGE has recognised our commitment to fostering gender equality in the workplace.

The EDGE methodology uses 3 types of information: data on gender balance; assessment of equal treatment in policies and practices; and staff perceptions on gender equality measured by the EDGE survey. Two elements in particular were highlighted as positive during our EDGE certification process: flexible working options and the offer of direct childcare support for working parents.

This certification is a milestone in our journey towards building an inclusive and equitable workplace for both women and men.