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Digital euro and privacy

A digital euro would have stringent privacy and inclusion standards, safeguarding user data and rights in the digital age

A digital euro: privacy by design

To protect your data, we are designing a digital euro to offer the highest privacy levels of any electronic payment option.

Ensuring user privacy has been a central focus of the digital euro project from the start. It requires technological innovation, a strong legal framework, and rigorous compliance procedures. 

Digital euro payments: would my data be safe?

An offline digital euro: cash-like privacy levels

The details of your offline digital euro payments would only be known to you and the recipient. This offline functionality would combine the convenience of digital payments with cash-like privacy levels without the need for an internet connection.

We would not identify you or track your payments

Even when you pay online, we would make sure that your financial activities remain your own. The Eurosystem would not be able to directly link you to your payments. A digital euro would be a public good so we would never use your data for commercial purposes.

Who would have access to your data?

As with other digital payment methods, intermediaries like your bank would only have access to the personal data that are necessary to comply with EU law, such as anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regulations. To use your data for commercial purposes, they would need your explicit consent.

How would we ensure privacy for digital euro users?

State-of-the-art privacy measures

The data available to us would be pseudonymised, meaning that we would not see any personal data that could identify you. While your bank would have access to the minimum information needed to comply with EU law. We are committed to using the latest privacy-enhancing technologies, while continuing to assess new measures that might be feasible and effective.

Strong rules and supervision

We would be supervised by independent data protection authorities to ensure that we comply with EU data protection law – the strongest privacy and security rules in the world. 

Legislative framework

The digital euro is not solely a Eurosystem initiative; it is a common European undertaking. It will be governed by EU regulations designed to balance privacy with security. This approach will maintain robust protections against illicit activities while safeguarding individual privacy.  


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