Fixed-term employee

There are several administrative details you need to take care of before you start your employment with the ECB. Within the first few days of arriving in Germany you will also need to register with the German authorities and, if need be, open a German bank account.

The time it takes to obtain a criminal record certificate can vary substantially depending on your country of residence. Make sure you start this procedure as soon as you are sure that you are going to join the ECB.

Security clearance

Before coming to Frankfurt

Documents to be provided before the start of employment

Once you have been offered a position, please send as soon as possible the following documents for contract preparation:

  • a copy of your highest educational qualification (e.g. bachelor’s or master’s degree certificate)
  • certificates of employment or reference letters confirming your work history (i.e. confirming work periods and job titles), please note that the originals may be requested at any time during your contract period

Once you have received your employment contract, please send as soon as possible the documents marked with an * to the specified person and address. All other documents can be submitted by e-mail as well:

  • the signed duplicate of your contract*
  • the privacy statement and security self-declaration form for selected candidates*
  • the criminal record certificate* (does not need to be translated into English)
  • the completed medical questionnaire*
  • a copy of your passport/ID card (please note that you will be required to show your passport/ID card on your first day at the ECB)
  • a copy of your marriage certificate and your spouse’s/child’s passport/ID card or birth certificate, if applicable
  • the completed personal details form (please see the link below)
  • your bank account details (IBAN and BIC), if already available
Personal details form
Security clearance

To protect the institution and its reputation, the ECB employs only individuals whose capacity to maintain high standards of professional ethics in the performance of their duties at the ECB is not called into question. Therefore, please submit the completed privacy statement and security self-declaration form for selected candidates and a criminal record certificate (which does not need to be translated into English) before commencing employment.

Please send both documents in the original by post to:

European Central Bank
Security Division - Clearance
Sonnemannstrasse 20
60314 Frankfurt am Main

To facilitate the security clearance process:

  • send both documents together
  • use your official name consistently on all documents
  • ensure that all fields are filled in
  • make sure your handwriting is legible
  • send them to the Security Division – not to the HR department

Useful information:

  • We do not reimburse the cost of obtaining a criminal record certificate.
  • Your security clearance will be granted solely on the basis of these two documents.
  • In most cases, we process security clearance within five working days.
  • Please contact us via e-mail if you have any concerns or questions regarding security clearance.

Have a look at the introduction to security clearance for more information.

Security self-declaration and consent form
Introduction to security clearance

Medical clearance

Medical clearance is mandatory for all employees starting at the ECB on a fixed-term contract. This also applies if you have already worked for the ECB on a different type of contract.

You do not have to undergo a medical examination if you have already been given medical clearance under a previous fixed-term contract awarded within the past three years.


Please send the completed medical questionnaire to the Medical Adviser at least ten days before your contract starts.

The medical report must be provided in English, including if a doctor in your country of residence carries out the examination.

Ensure that you initiate this process in good time to avoid any delay to your start date.

Medical questionnaire


Working far from home comes with certain challenges and we know it. To offset the cost of moving your residence to Frankfurt, the ECB offers a number of appointment benefits and services.

As you have been offered a fixed-term contract, you will be working at the ECB for a longer period of time. If your place of recruitment is more than 50 km from the ECB, you will be entitled to relocation services and removal services or you may prefer to stay in temporary accommodation until you decide on the longer-term accommodation.

Relocation service

The Cheryl Koenig Relocation Services Group (CKRS) will help you and your family relocate to the Frankfurt area. This relocation service, which is fully covered by the ECB, includes:

  • finding suitable rental accommodation and accompanying you on property viewings
  • helping you to negotiate with the landlord
  • checking the rental agreement and providing guidance on any legal/regulatory issues
  • taking care of the handover process before you move in

However, please note that while the ECB covers the services provided by the CKRS, you will be liable for any costs arising from the use of these services.

Cheryl Koenig Relocation Services

Removal services

See the dedicated section.

Temporary accommodation

If you do not know Frankfurt, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the city before deciding on your longer-term accommodation.

Various property websites provide information if you want to look for your temporary or permanent accommodation – simply type the words "Frankfurt Immobilien" into a search engine.

Removal services

If you have been hired from a location more than 50 kilometres away from the ECB and are moving to the Frankfurt area, the ECB will reimburse your removal costs.

What do you need to do?

Your removal costs will be reimbursed if the procedure outlined below is followed.

  • Request (at least) three quotations: If you are entitled to reimbursement of removal costs, you should contact three different removal companies of your choice and ask them for quotations. You should ensure that the offers you receive are binding and not subject to further changes. Once you have received them, fill out the removal estimate form and send it together with the quotations to

Note: We recommend that you contact removal companies as soon as you have been selected for a job. The removal industry is usually very busy, especially in July and August.

  • Assessment phase: The ECB’s Human Resources Directorate will then assess the quotations and approve the reimbursement of the amount specified in the cheapest offer. You will be informed of the result as soon as possible.

Note: While reimbursement of your removal costs will be limited to the cheapest offer received, you are free to choose another removal company. However, you would need to bear any excess costs going beyond the approved reimbursement amount.

Please note that, should the three quotations submitted appear excessive, the ECB reserves the right to seek quotations from other removal companies.

What's covered?

The personal effects of the staff member and his/her family members are included in normal removal costs. Removal expenses related to pets (e.g. dogs and cats), bigger animals (e.g. horses) and cars can also be reimbursed.

Expenses incurred in the alteration, fitting, or extension of furniture and/or other effects will not be reimbursed. Any costs related to services provided by craftsmen such as electricians, carpenters or plumbers (for the installation and adjustment of built-in kitchens or similar at the new location) are also not covered.

What about removal insurance?

The ECB will reimburse the related cost of insurance. Please ask your chosen service providers to include the cost of insurance in their offers – the insurance is meant to cover the full value of your belongings or any damage incurred during the removal. Each removal company should inform you about what needs to be done to ensure that your personal belongings are adequately insured (this involves completing the related value declaration).

Travel arrangements

If the distance from your place of residence to the ECB exceeds 50 km and irrespective of the means of transport used, the ECB pays the following lump sums on appointment of service (aimed at covering all travel costs):

  Up to 500 km 500-1,500 km Over 1,500 km
Member of staff, spouse or recognized partner EUR 340 EUR 465 EUR 589
Dependent child EUR 288 EUR 412 EUR 537

Useful information

There are restricted traffic zones/low emission zones within the city centre (Umweltzone/green zone) where only cars displaying specific environmental badges/stickers (Feinstaub-Plaketten) are allowed to circulate. The badges/stickers can be obtained for €5 at the Kfz-Zulassungsstelle, in the Bürgerämter in Frankfurt, at TÜV, DEKRA and from car garages. You will need to bring your car ID (Fahrzeugschein) in order to purchase one. Vehicles without an environmental badge/sticker may not pass through the green zone and penalties apply.

After your arrival in Frankfurt

Employment contract

Your contract specifies your period of employment with the ECB, your position title and working arrangements, as well as your gross annual salary.

In addition to this salary, you may be entitled to an expatriation allowance and several family-related allowances, as well as benefits on appointment.

Minimum Net Salary Table

Salary band Job title Minimum monthly basic net salary
A Facility Management Operator €2,515.00
B Meeting Attendant, Security Guard, Receptionist, Senior Driver €2,731.00
C Assistant, Business Process Assistant €3,039.00
D Senior Assistant, Senior Business Process Assistant €3,505.00
E Principal Assistant, Principal Business Process Assistant €4,080.00
E/F Senior/ Analyst €4,080.00
F/G Senior/ Expert €4,805.00
G Principal Information Management Specialist €5,633.00
H Principal Expert €6,785.00
I Head of Section, Adviser €7,293.00
J Head of Division, Senior Adviser €7,849.00
K Director, Deputy Director General, Principal Adviser €10,187.00
L Director General €11,688.00
Allowances and benefits

We also offer several allowances and benefits on appointment.

If you are recruited from outside Germany, you may be entitled to an expatriation allowance. A household allowance, a child allowance and an education allowance can also be granted to you depending on your personal circumstances. You can also benefit from:

Subsistence allowance

You are eligible for a subsistence allowance of €103 per day for a maximum of 90 days if you decide to temporarily maintain your current residence, and continue to do so during the entire period for which the subsistence allowance is requested, while you are still in temporary accommodation in the Frankfurt area.

Once a removal to the Frankfurt area is finalised, this is interpreted as your having settled in permanent accommodation and, therefore, the entitlement to subsistence allowance ceases.

“Current residence” means the accommodation in which you lived for at least three months before joining the ECB, i.e. in your home country or in the country where you were employed or lived when you were recruited by the ECB. NB: you are not eligible for benefits on appointment if, prior to the fixed-term contract, you were providing services to the ECB on an agency or consultancy contract, in which case your place of recruitment is considered to be Frankfurt.

The allowance increases by €23 per day for each family member accompanying you during your contract period.

Installation allowance

In order to cover any additional costs that may incur when settling in Frankfurt, and upon presentation of a copy of the rental contract, we will pay you an allowance of one month’s basic salary. This is an advance payment in the fourth month of your contract. However, your entitlement exists only if you complete the probationary period. This allowance can increase to two month’s basic salary, depending on your family circumstances.

After claiming the full installation allowance you cannot claim any other appointment allowances from the ECB.

Real estate broker’s fees

If you decide to use a broker to find rented accommodation in Frankfurt, we will reimburse 50% of the fees upon presentation of the original invoice, proof of payment, and a copy of the rental contract.

Please note that these services can only be used once, as part of your “benefits on appointment” package. They can be used up to one year after the completion of your probationary period.

Public transportation benefit

On your first working day, you are able to order a ticket for public transportation – it is offered by the ECB in cooperation with RMV, the Frankfurt regional public transportation association, and it offers attractive discounts up to 38% vs. regular RMV seasonal tickets.

Work/life balance

At the ECB we care about you and your family and the time you spend together. That’s why we offer a range of flexible working arrangements such as part-time and teleworking and the possibility to apply for special leave for personal or family reasons.

New parents have the possibility to apply for paid maternity leave and unpaid parental leave. Furthermore, as a means to pursue your personal needs or aspirations, there are opportunities to request unpaid leave on personal grounds or to take up appointment with another organisation.

Health and safety benefits

Health insurance

The ECB offers a comprehensive medical and dental plan, which is insured by Allianz France and administered by Cigna International. Further details can be found in the Cigna brochure which you will receive on your first working day.

Either you opt to be covered by this plan (in which case, you need to complete the medical insurance form) or to retain your current insurance cover (in which case you must provide the ECB with proof of cover, e.g. a copy of your insurance card).

Cost of the health insurance

A monthly contribution of 2.4% of your basic salary, which amounts to one-third of the total cost, is deducted from your salary if you choose to be covered by the ECB’s plan. The ECB will bear the cost of the other two-thirds.

Cover for dependants

Your dependent children and spouse/recognised partner (depending on his/her income) can also be covered under the ECB’s plan without any additional cost to you. It is not possible to cover further family members or other dependants under the ECB’s plan.

Cigna brochure
Medical benefits and dental plan

Accident insurance

Participation in the ECB’s accident insurance scheme is compulsory for all ECB staff members. It provides 24-hour worldwide cover against all work and non-work related accidents. The insurance also covers accidental death and disability benefits.

Cost of the accident insurance

The total premium amounts to 0.499% of your basic salary. One-third of the premium is borne by staff members, while the remaining two-thirds are borne by the ECB.

Cover for dependants

Family members are not covered by this insurance.


All staff on fixed-term contracts are members of the ECB Pension scheme. The scheme provides staff members with an income after they retire from the ECB. It also provides benefits for a staff member’s family in the event of his/her death.

Pension contribution

The mandatory monthly contribution of 7.3666% of your basic salary is deducted before tax. The ECB contributes the equivalent of 20.7334% of your basic monthly salary.

In addition, you can choose to make monthly contributions of up to 12% of your basic salary before tax and thereby enjoy additional benefits upon retirement.

Pension scheme
Pension team

Crèche and schooling

Childcare facilities

Staff on contracts of longer than 12 months have the opportunity to enroll their children aged between three months and six years in one of the ECB’s crèches (kindergarten). Due to the limited number of places the allocation of places is administered via a waiting list. Places may only become available after several months of waiting time, depending on the age of your child and your desired start date. It’s recommended to explore alternative childcare options in Frankfurt in parallel. The ECB Childcare Mediation service provides assistance in this search.

European School Frankfurt

If your children are over the age of four, they can join the European School Frankfurt (ESF) in the pre-primary, primary or secondary cycle. The school has four language sections (German, English, French and Italian) and offers mother tongue tuition in all EU languages. As an ECB staff member, you are exempt from paying the tuition fees, but extra-curricular activities and meals must be paid for. Please refer to the website of the ESF for further details.

European School Frankfurt

Other schools

In addition to German state schools, Frankfurt is well endowed with a range of international schools.

If they occur, fees for these schools have to be paid by the member of staff directly, but a portion of them will be reimbursed by the ECB on the basis of the education allowance.

Please see the section Life in Frankfurt for further information

Life in Frankfurt

Integration of spouses/recognised partners

The ECB is fully aware of the difficulties involved in relocating to Frankfurt for an extended period and wishes to support your spouse/recognised partner in having a smooth integration in the new community.

Further information about what is available for your spouse and what you should know about the city of Frankfurt can be found under.

Life in Frankfurt

Registration with German authorities

Within the first few days of arriving in Germany, ECB staff members and their families must register their place of residence with one of the Bürgerämter (registration offices) of the town/city in which they live. Further details on where to register in Frankfurt are available on the website of the City of Frankfurt.

If you are married, or have children, the original marriage and birth certificates need to be provided with the International Certificate or a certified German translation. If you are divorced, the same applies for the divorce certificate.

As of 1.11.2015 you are required to present a letter from your landlord/residence that you are renting from him/them. This letter will have to include the name and address of the landlord/residence, it has to state if you are moving in or out, the date of the move, the address of the flat and your name. Failure to comply can result in a fine of EUR 1.000 for the landlord.

No need for a residence permit for EU citizens

Under the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Communities, ECB staff members and their spouses are not required to have either an “Aufenthaltserlaubnis” (residence permit) or a “Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung” (a certificate confirming your status as an EU citizen). In other words, they do not need to register at the Ausländeramt (Aliens' Office).

Visa requirements for non-EU spouses

However, non-EU spouses who plan to join their ECB spouse in Germany and who are nationals of countries for which an entry visa is obligatory (i.e. “visumpflichtige Staaten”), will need to apply for an entry visa at the German representation in their place of residence prior to coming to Germany. If this is the case, please notify your HR contact at the ECB, so that the Staff Info Point can help ease the visa process by officially notifying the German Federal Foreign Office.

You can check if your spouse requires a visa by visiting the Federal Foreign Office website.
Federal Foreign Office

Bank account

Your salary and benefits can be paid into any account in the European Union, provided that your bank is SEPA-compliant. You can also open a bank account in Germany (leaflets on the various banks are available at the Staff Info Point in room HS 15.10 of the main building).

Many banks require their clients to register their place of residence at a local Bürgeramt before they can open a new bank account.

Please provide us with your bank account details either by:

  • completing the bank account form
  • or by e-mailing them

at the latest within the first three days of starting work at the ECB in order to ensure that you are paid on the 15th of the month.

Bank account form