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Minimum reserves


The ECB requires credit institutions established in the euro area to hold deposits on accounts with their national central bank. These are called "minimum" or "required" reserves (MRR).


List of institutions subject to the Eurosystem’s minimum reserve requirements (monthly data)

The dataset below is published monthly and only includes monetary financial institutions (MFIs) that are subject to the Eurosystem’s minimum reserve requirements. If, following a monthly update, attributes are missing from the data for any of the institutions, these missing attributes can later be obtained in the daily list of MFIs or in the next monthly update. For any queries please contact

Reserve maintenance statistics (EUR millions) and remuneration and penalty rates
Reserve maintenance period start: 2021-03-17
Reserve maintenance period end: 2021-04-27
Average reserve requirements (EUR millions): 147,445
Excess Reserves: 3,273,630
Deficiencies: 0
Current account holdings: 3,421,076
Remuneration rate: 0%
Penalty rate for deficiencies: 2.75%

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