Market Infrastructure & Payments

We provide infrastructure for payment and securities settlement, cooperate with market stakeholders to integrate financial markets in Europe, and oversee financial market infrastructure and payment instruments.

Call for market representatives to join the new TIPS Contact Group

The TARGET instant payment settlement (TIPS) project, which has been endorsed by the Governing Council of the ECB, is moving into the development phase. TIPS will provide banks with a service that will allow European citizens and businesses to make payments in euro around the clock which will be processed within seconds.

Committed to working closely with the market in delivering TIPS, the ECB is setting up a new contact group. According to the mandate of the TIPS Contact Group, it will have a limited number of members to allow for active discussions and contributions. Its composition will aim to reflect the diversity of stakeholders in terms of geographical location, institution size and business model.

Stakeholders are invited to follow the application instructions in order to nominate their representative within the TIPS Contact Group by 1 September 2017.

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Providing market infrastructure

The Eurosystem has developed and currently operates the real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system, TARGET2, and the European platform for securities settlement in central bank money, TARGET2-Securities (T2S).

Integrating financial markets

The ECB and the Eurosystem foster financial market integration in Europe by contributing to more efficient euro retail payments and the realisation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). We promote securities harmonisation and the safe and efficient mobilisation of collateral in the euro area via the Correspondent Central Banking Model (CCBM).

Overseeing market infrastructure

The Eurosystem performs oversight to ensure the smooth functioning of payment, clearing and settlement systems. It monitors their performance, assesses them against its objectives of safety and efficiency and, where necessary, induces change.

Market infrastructure and payments explained