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Fostering wider action

Addressing climate change is a global challenge and action is needed on all fronts. We share our expertise to foster action beyond the ECB, and work to adopt and promote best practices with regard to tackling climate change.

How does the ECB aim for best practices and foster wider action?

We cooperate closely with European and international partners

We work with European and international partners to enhance transparency on climate-related matters, improve environmental performance, and bridge data gaps. We provide analysis and expertise with the aim of fostering a broader understanding of climate-related risks and economic opportunities. We also aim for a greater understanding of how to apply best practices in our own work, including our climate-related disclosures and sustainable investing.

We work to improve the transparency of our own activities

By disclosing climate-related information about our corporate purchases, non-monetary policy portfolios (as of 2023) and environmental footprint, we aim to increase the transparency of our actions. This helps contribute to the availability of climate-related data and to knowledge both inside and outside the ECB concerning the economic implications of climate change. It also puts market participants in a better position to handle future climate-related challenges. 

We reduce our own environmental impact

As a contribution to the European Green Deal, the ECB and other EU institutions are working to help the European Union reach its target of climate neutrality by 2050, and its interim goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. We are therefore continuously working to reduce the environmental footprint of our day-to-day corporate activities. We are taking measures that are in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, such as increasing the environmental sustainability of the cash cycle. For our non-monetary policy portfolios, we are also working to set targets of net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Environmental protection at the ECB


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Our climate action

Our climate agenda details all ongoing climate-related work at the ECB, grouped into six priority areas and based on our three strategic climate objectives.

ECB climate agenda

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