You have been selected, what next?

This section provides useful information on what you need to do before starting work at the ECB, including information on relocating to Frankfurt am Main.

The section on security clearance deserves your particular attention: it is essential that you submit the relevant documents to the ECB before you start work, and it may take some time to acquire them.

Security clearance

If you cannot find the answer to any of your questions, please contact the directorate that is hiring you via one of the email addresses below.

ECB core business Chief Services Office Secretariat & Counsel Banking Supervision European Systemic Risk Board

Information session for newcomers

Your contract will start at either the beginning or the middle of the month. On your first day, please report to the welcome desk in the foyer of the ECB premises on Sonnemannstr. 20 at 8:30. For easier orientation, use the map of the ECB buildings and the link to the public transportation routs enquiry provided below.

ECB contacts (incl map of the ECB buildings)

Routes enquiry for public transportation in Frankfurt

Discounted tickets for public transportation

On your first working day, you are able to order a ticket for public transportation – it is offered by the ECB in cooperation with RMV, the Frankfurt regional public transportation association, and it offers attractive discounts up to 38% vs. regular RMV seasonal tickets.