Electronic tendering system

Once registered, interested parties can access relevant documentation and participate in procurement procedures that are conducted via the electronic tendering system.

Access the electronic tendering system

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How to use the electronic tendering system

Technical support

Should you require help when using the system, please contact the ECB’s technical support team at sourcing.support@ecb.europa.eu. Requests are handled on average in 1-3 working days. Support hours are Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30 CET, excluding ECB public holidays.

Additional information

What are the minimum system requirements?

Please note that it is the tenderer’s responsibility to ensure that its internet connection and equipment are functioning properly and that the browser settings are correct. The ECB cannot influence these external conditions. Please contact your IT support/administrator to update your system if you have any issues with the minimum system requirements.

Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher) and Chrome are supported. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser.
Pop-up blocker
Make sure your browser is allowing pop-ups.
Other software
Tender documents may comprise Word, Excel and PDF files. To read PDF files, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
How can I check whether my system meets the minimum requirements?

Upload a test document (e.g. an empty word file) as an attachment to your submission (“RFx response”) in the ECB’s electronic tendering system.

If you experience any of the following problems, it is likely that your system does not meet the minimum requirements:

  • the appearance of the user interface deviates from the screenshots shown in the ECB user guides;
  • the window for uploading attachments does not open.

Please contact your IT support/administrator if you have problems with your system.

Important information

To avoid any complications close to the submission deadline, please take the following steps:

  • Upload a test document: directly after accessing the tender documentation, upload a test document as an attachment to your submission (“RFx response ”) to check that the electronic tendering system functions smoothly in your IT infrastructure.
  • Do not wait until the last minute: submit your documents early, before the deadline for the respective procurement. The time it takes to finalise your submission and upload all the documents may vary considerably depending on your browser, your internet connection and the size of your files (max. 80 MB per file).
  • Change your submission’s status to “firm”: your response will only be successfully submitted when the status of your submission (“RFx response”) has been set to “firm” before the deadline. The system closes the relevant procurement automatically once the deadline has passed, irrespective of submissions still being edited.
  • Check your “RFx response” again after submission: please access your “RFx response” again in the ECB’s electronic tendering system and check whether the content is complete and that the status is set to “firm”. We advise you to take a screenshot of your uploaded attachments.
  • Register back-up contact persons: tenderers shall register at least one back-up contact person in the system to ensure that someone can always access the tender and the communication, when needed. To create the back-up contact account, see Chapter I of the supplier account management user guide.


The ECB is not obliged to award a contract as a result of a supplier registering in the electronic tendering system or participating in a tender procedure.