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Civil society engagement

We are committed to fostering an open dialogue with civil society

The ECB is committed to engaging with civil society to foster an open dialogue and strengthen communication. We hold regular listening events and seminars throughout the year for civil society organisations across the euro area to better understand their views and share information on both the work of the ECB and the euro area economy.

Civil society seminar series

In our regular seminar series, ECB experts present their insights on different topics related to our work and exchange views with representatives from European-level civil society organisations.

Past events

ECB Listens

The ECB Listens event on 21 October 2020 invited European-level civil society organisations to share their views on the impact of the ECB’s monetary policy, communications and global challenges ahead.

ECB Listens event

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Strategy Review

In 2020, the ECB launched a review of its monetary policy strategy seeking input from citizens, academics, Members of the European Parliament and civil society organisations.

Climate change

ECB staff ensure that climate change is taken into account in the ECB’s macroeconomic models, forecasting methods, and risk assessments.

Digital euro

A digital euro would be a digital symbol of progress and integration in Europe, said Executive Board member Fabio Panetta.


Get in touch

If you are a representative of a civil society organisation and would like to talk with us about our work, share your research or suggest a topic for one of our upcoming seminars, please get in touch with us.


Other resources

Press releases

Our press releases cover a wide range of topics. They announce ECB decisions and new data.



Our explainers aim to make complex central banking topics understandable for all audiences.


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