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Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 3 March 2006

7 March 2006

Items not related to monetary policy operations

In the week ending 3 March 2006, the decrease of EUR 133 million in gold and gold receivables (asset item 1) reflected the selling of gold by three Eurosystem central banks (consistent with the Central Bank Gold Agreement of 27 September 2004).

The net position of the Eurosystem in foreign currency (asset items 2 and 3 minus liability items 7, 8 and 9) decreased by EUR 0.7 billion to EUR 160.7 billion on account of customer and portfolio transactions.

The holdings by the Eurosystem of marketable securities of euro area residents denominated in euro (asset item 7) increased by EUR 1.4 billion to EUR 95.5 billion. Banknotes in circulation (liability item 1) rose by EUR 5 billion to EUR 555.2 billion. Liabilities to general government (liability item 5.1) fell by EUR 10.2 billion to EUR 56.8 billion.

Items related to monetary policy operations

The Eurosystem’s net lending to credit institutions (asset item 5 minus liability items 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 4) decreased by EUR 6.3 billion to EUR 411.5 billion. On Tuesday, 28 February 2006, a main refinancing operation of EUR 308 billion matured and a new one of EUR 301.5 billion was settled.

Recourse to the marginal lending facility (asset item 5.5) and the deposit facility (liability item 2.2) was virtually nil (compared with EUR 0.4 billion and EUR 0.6 billion respectively in the previous week).

Current accounts of euro area credit institutions

As a result of all transactions, the current account position of credit institutions with the Eurosystem (liability item 2.1) decreased by EUR 0.2 billion to EUR 158.9 billion.


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