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  • Call for Papers
  • Submission deadline: 24 March 2017

Young economists’ competition

ECB Forum on Central Banking 26-28 June 2017, Sintra

Every year the European Central Bank (ECB) invites PhD students to participate in the Poster session of the ECB’s flagship Forum on Central Banking, held in Sintra, Portugal. Selected students are given the unique opportunity to present their research findings to policymakers and top academics from around the world and engage with them during the Forum.

Based on the papers they submit, 8-10 students will be chosen by the ECB’s Directorate General Research. During the Forum, these students will display the main findings of their research in the form of a poster and answer questions from participants. A committee made up of senior ECB staff and top academics will then select the winning poster, assisted by anonymous online ratings submitted by Forum participants. The winning poster will be announced by the ECB President in a ceremony at the end of the Forum and its author will be awarded a prize of €10,000.

Who can participate?

PhD students of economics or finance, of all nationalities, who are currently enrolled in a PhD programme. (Candidates who are currently employed by the ECB or with ECB-affiliated co-authors are prohibited from applying.)

What is the theme of the 2017 competition?

Investment and growth in advanced economies. However, papers on other core central banking topics, such as monetary policy or financial stability, will also be considered.

How will the students be selected?

Students will be selected based on their papers, which will be assessed in terms of (i) innovative thinking and scientific merit, and (ii) European policy relevance.

How to apply?

Interested PhD students should send an email to ecbforum.postersession@ecb.europa.eu, attaching the following: (i) their CV, (ii) the paper they intend to present, and (iii) a letter of recommendation from their main tutor. The candidates should submit their emails no later than 24 March 2017.

Successful candidates will be notified around mid-April 2017 and will subsequently receive further information on the Forum. Submissions from female candidates are particularly encouraged. The ECB will cover the selected students’ travel and accommodation expenses.

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