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Supervising banks: profits, transparency and Brexit

Why do we need banking supervision at the European level? Should a bank be allowed to fail? What does a normal day look like for a supervisor? What are the supervisory challenges posed by Brexit? Our host Michael Steen discusses these questions with expert guests Andrea Enria, Pien van Erp Taalman Kip and Linette Field.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the European Central Bank.

Published on 21 January 2020 and recorded on 6 December 2019.

In this episode
A safe and sound banking sector

Why do we need banking supervision at the European level, why should banks be allowed to fail and why is transparency towards private investors a priority in a bail-in world?

A day in the life of a supervisor

What does a banking supervisor do, what are Joint Supervisory Teams and why can’t supervisors be of the same nationality as the bank they supervise?

Challenges for banks: profitability, cybersecurity and Brexit

Why is it important that supervisors understand the risks banks face, why do they care about banks’ profits and what are the challenges posed by Brexit?