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Accessing our data

We publish our data on several platforms and in various formats to accommodate different user needs. This page provides an overview of our dissemination and communication channels, ranging from easy-access platforms for key indicators to machine-to-machine interfaces for our complete datasets. 

Key indicators

A collection of key economic indicators is available from the Euro Area Statistics site. The site includes data relating to euro area and its Member States and provides easy-to-use visual comparisons across countries and indicators.

Browse Euro Area Statistics

Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW)

The SDW provides access to all official ECB statistics.  The page also includes options to download data and comprehensive metadata for each dataset. Statistical publications and dashboards offer a compilation of key data on selected topics.

Browse and download ECB statistics

Data dashboards

For selected topics, we offer data dashboards for more advanced visual analysis of multiple indicators, trend and country and indicator breakdowns.

Dashboard on inflation Dashboard on balance of payments Dashboard on government finance Dashboard on euro short-term rates

Statistical news releases

Major data releases are published as statistical press releases on the ECB website.

Statistical press releases

Statistical calendars

Upcoming data updates are listed in the statistical calendars on the ECB website.

Upcoming data updates

Email notification

Our Statistical Data Warehouse offer an email notification service for individual data series.

SDW notification service

RSS feeds 

Update alerts for our statistical press releases are available through our RSS feeds.

RSS feed for statistical press releases

Market Information Dissemination (MID)

We use the MID system to publish information and data which is structured and suitable for automatic processing.

MID services

Data API

All disseminated data are available via the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) API. We implement the SDMX 2.1 standard.

SDMX 2.1 RESTful web service

Access to microdata

Researchers can request access to microdata from ECB surveys. Information on the available resources can be found in the ECB surveys section on the ECB website.

ECB surveys

Ask us directly

You couldn’t find the data or resources you were looking for? Send us your questions through the statistical information request form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.