Market Information Dissemination (MID)

We use a range of communication and information tools to explain our policies.

MID is a system that allows us to publish information and data which is structured and suitable for automatic processing. The system has been designed to be openly accessible.

MID offers:

  • dissemination of structured information
  • content integrity
  • source authenticity

MID content is available via RSS 2.0 feeds as well as SOAP-based web services.

All information published via MID services is considered in the public domain.

Information available via MID

As of April 2016, MID services provide information on the following:

  • monetary policy decisions
  • monetary developments in the euro area
  • euro foreign exchange rates
  • tender operation announcements
  • tender operation allotments
  • TARGET2 operational status messages
  • TARGET2-Securities operational status messages
  • liquidity data
  • the list of eligible assets
  • the list of monetary financial institutions (daily data)

We will update this webpage if and when additional information is available via MID.

How to use MID

Update of the liquidity data schema

We are adding two new fields to the liquidity data schema (excessLiquidity amount and excessLiquidity revised) to the Liquidity Management Publication RSS flow. They will have the thematic tag “historyDuringMaintenancePeriod”.

This change is estimated to be applicable as of June 2019. The exact date will be communicated closer to the date.

Please refer to the above zip folder “API specifications and template files”, which contains:

  • a table with the differences between the old schema (from before June 2019) and the new schema (from June 2019)
  • the old schema file (from before June 2019)
  • the new schema file including the 2 new fields in the “historyingDuringMaintenancePeriod” tag
  • eight sample files using the new schema

The sample files were created using test data.

Each of the eight files will be published separately, although in the RSS they will have the same name (i.e. Liquidity Management Publication). The thematic tag inside the header of each file indicates the name of the file sent.

For further details on release types and structured content, please refer to the MID Catalogue and Integration Guide.

For further assistance please contact the Market Information Dissemination support team at


Please specify the nature of your query in the subject line of your email:

  • “technical matter” for technical questions
  • “general question” for all other questions