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Sector accounts

Sector accounts present a breakdown of economic activity for all resident institutional sectors in a complete and consistent set of quarterly data.

They provide comprehensive information not only on the economic activities of households, non-financial corporations, financial corporations and government, but also on the interactions between these sectors and the rest of the world.

For the euro area as a whole, the ECB, in close cooperation with Eurostat, compiles the quarterly euro area accounts.

Sector accounts consist of financial and non-financial accounts. They link financial and non-financial statistics, thereby allowing for an integrated analysis of non-financial economic activities (such as gross fixed capital formation) and financial transactions (such as the issuance of debt). The euro area accounts also contain consistent financial balance sheets, as well as major components of non-financial assets.

For euro area as well as for non-euro area EU countries, the ECB disseminates a similar set of quarterly financial accounts as for the euro area as a whole, supplemented by a set of key variables from the non-financial accounts.

New data on distribution of household wealth

New experimental statistics offer information on the distribution of wealth across household wealth deciles, housing and working status, including indicators of inequality and household debt.

Financial accounts dashboard

Quality Report

The Quality Report on euro area and national quarterly financial accounts is published biennially. The report focuses on the collection, compilation and dissemination of the statistics.

Legal basis

The legal basis for collecting quarterly financial accounts statistics is laid down in Guideline ECB/2013/24.

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