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Announcement: Update of the annexes to the AnaCredit Manual and publication of the list of postal code formatting rules and regular expressions per country

  • Question ID: 2021/0001
  • Date of publication: 30/04/2021
  • Subject matter: Counterparty reference data, Protection items in AnaCredit
  • AnaCredit Manual: Centralised code lists
  • Data attribute: National identifier, Legal form, Address: postal code, Real estate collateral location

List of legal forms, List of national identifiers, List of international organisations and List of postal code formatting rules and regular expressions per country


Please note that the documents “List of legal forms”, “List of national identifiers” and “List of international organisations” have been updated on the ECB’s website.

In addition, a document containing postal code formatting rules has been published to support the reporting of the AnaCredit data attributes “Address: postal code” and “Real estate collateral location”. Postal code information has up to now been collected as open-text data attributes, making it possible for inaccurate or erroneous data to be recorded. In future, the postal code information will need to be inserted in line with the postal code formatting rules. For this purpose, the newly published annex provides the country name and its ISO 3166-2 country code, the name of the postal code system in the language of the country (for countries with a postal code system), an indication of whether the formatting rule also covers territories affiliated with the country, the regular expression used to validate postal codes and some illustrative examples of the reporting format. For countries with no postal code system, a generic string format is provided.

The postal code formatting rules should be used as soon as possible but not later than as of the reference date 31 October 2021, from when enhanced validation checks at the time of data acquisition at the ECB will ensure the accuracy of postal code data relating to both the counterparty and the protection data attributes (where applicable). Reporting agents are invited to contact the relevant national central bank for more information in this regard.