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Poetry and music in one closing concert of the Cultural Days of the European Central Bank – Greece 2007

14 November 2007

The CULTURAL DAYS of the ECB 2007 have ended with a lyrical mix of poetry and music in the Alte Oper, featuring the Orchestra of Colours and Maria Farantouri, “the voice of Greece”. Around 30 events and programmes were brought to Frankfurt in co-operation with the Bank of Greece, sponsors and partners with the objective to show a slice of contemporary Greek culture to the residents of Frankfurt, the Rhein-Main region and international guests.

The three-week programme ending yesterday included several full-house events of classical concerts as well as traditional Greek folk music, contemporary dance performances, readings, films, archeological presentations etc. Every year the CULTURAL DAYS events are venturing an unknown field. This year’s antique drama, “Prometheus Bound” in the schauspielfrankfurt, where tickets were sold out weeks before, demonstrated that such ventures are appreciated by the audience.

The ECB with employees from 27 countries of the European Union is well aware of the value cultural diversity incorporates, therefore, the aim of the annual series of events is to show the cultural diversity inside the institution to the external world. Next year, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ECB, the CULTURAL DAYS are dedicated to all 27 countries. The events will take place between 14 May 2008 to 2 June 2008. More detailed information about the events will be posted on the ECB’s website closer to the event.


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