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EU 27 brought to Frankfurt within the framework of the 10th anniversary of the European Central Bank (14 May to 2 June 2008)

14 May 2008

Opening Concert by the EuropaChorAkademie, introducing the “European Cantata”

The series of Cultural Days of the European Central Bank were initiated in 2003 so as to give Frankfurt am Main, the seat of the European Central Bank (ECB), a flavour of the culture of one of the EU countries each year. The ECB, which has employees from all EU Member States, is well aware of, and attached to, the value of cultural diversity in Europe, and is very happy to share this appreciation with the residents of Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region, as well as with visitors from abroad.

This year, within the framework of the celebration of the ECB’s 10th anniversary, the focus of the Cultural Days has been widened to cover all 27 EU Member States. The grand opening concert of the Europa ChorAkademie on 14 May 2008 at the Alte Oper Frankfurt will introduce a new piece, the “European Cantata”, which was composed especially for the event and has its roots folk music of Europe.

The programme of the Cultural Days is characterised by many voices conversing with one another to create European harmony. The events are organised in blocks or mini-festivals, with series and co-operations of artists from different countries.

  • The week of the “European Dance Platform” will host 17 choreographers working in cooperation with dancers from 14 countries.
  • Each reading will present two voices from countries that are as far apart geographically as Cyprus and Ireland, or Greece and Estonia.
  • Tales from all over Europe will be told and staged in the newly introduced “Fairy Tale Festival”.
  • For the first time, the Cultural Days will go out into the open air with jazz and world music concerts.
  • This year’s traditional film series will focus on Europe as its central theme.
  • Duos of young musicians of different nationalities will play chamber music on four occasions.
  • Last but not least, three pan-European ensembles will present the classical pillars of the series, including concerts of the Europa ChorAkademie, Les Solistes Européens and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

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