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Innovation in payments: Libra, blockchain and crypto-assets

The implications of crypto-assets, emerging payment technologies and Facebook’s plans to create a global digital currency, Libra – discussed by our host, Michael Steen, and guests, Dirk Bullmann, Maria Teresa Chimienti, and ECB Executive Board member Benoît Cœuré.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the European Central Bank.

Published on 30 September 2019 and recorded on 6 and 9 September 2019.

In this episode
Benoît Cœuré

The big picture: what is money, why is there a demand for digital currencies and what is the role of central banks in this field?

Maria Teresa Chimienti

Getting technical: what are crypto-assets, what makes Facebook’s Libra different, and why is it important for central banks to research these phenomena?

Dirk Bullmann

Talking innovation: what is blockchain and DLT, why are they so fascinating and how does innovation at the ECB help make payments instant?