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Legal Research

The ECB is an institution of the European Union and a creation of the law as it was established by the EU Treaties. The legal framework in which the ECB operates continuously evolves through new legislation, regulations and interpretations. Legal research is therefore at the core of the advice that ECB Legal Services provides to the ECB’s decision-making bodies. 

To further its legal research, ECB Legal Services brings together legal experts from other EU institutions, international and financial institutions, central banks and supervisory authorities to discuss topical legal issues that are relevant for the ECB and the Economic and Monetary Union. These exchanges help inform our legal advice and shape legal discourse.

Legal conferences

ECB Legal Services offers various opportunities for legal experts from different backgrounds to come together to discuss topical legal issues. The speakers' contributions to these conferences are published.

Overview of the legal conferences

Legal Research Programme

This programme provides an opportunity for researchers to obtain a scholarship and conduct research on topical legal questions that are relevant for the ECB. The selected candidates are required to publish their work and in leading academic journals.

Find out more about the Legal Research Programme

ECB Legal Working Papers

The Legal Working Paper Series aims to stimulate discussion and contribute to the development of different areas of law by sharing public legal research and doctrine on issues relevant to the ECB and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).

Overview of ECB Legal Working Papers

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