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For media

The ECB Forum on Central Banking is an opportunity to exchange views on current and longer-term policy issues. The topic of the 2022 Forum was “Challenges for monetary policy in a rapidly changing world”.

The conference could be followed live on the ECB’s website. Participants and interested parties were encouraged to share information about the Forum on social media channels and promote the ECB’s social media posts about the event using the hashtags.

High-quality images of the ECB Forum are available via Flickr.


The Forum was webcast live on the ECB website.


Speeches, presentation slides and papers

Where possible, papers discussed during the Forum were be published shortly before the conference began. Any additional papers, together with speeches and slides, were uploaded to the ECB’s website after delivery/once the embargo period was over.



For media related information, please contact:

Georgina Garriga Sánchez
+49 152 225 521 84

Shani Kopolo
+49 171 768 0971

Silvia Margiocco
+49 170 562 6783

Philippe Rispal
+49 175 182 6376

Get in touch

For technical assistance, please contact the Forum's secretariat.

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