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Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet)

Past CompNet events

21-22 April 2016: 12th CompNet conference, jointly organised with the European Central Bank and the Czech National Bank, Prague
25-25 June 2015: CompNet conference “Enhancing competitiveness and fostering sustainable growth: methodological issues and empirical results”, European Central Bank, Frankfurt
26 - 27 March 2015: CompNet Workshop, Banco de Espana, Madrid

Thursday, 26 March 2015

  • Keynote speech by Luis Garicano, London School of Economics (LSE) “Can slow IT adoption explain productivity slowdown? Firm size and organizational change” Presentation

Plenary I: Foreign Direct Investment

  • “Who owns Europe’s firms? Globalization and foreign investment in Europe”, S. Kalemli-Özcan, V. Korsun, B. Sorensen
  • “How does multinational production and competitiveness affect the measurement of competitiveness?”, S. Federico, Presentation

Plenary II: Use of firm-level data for policy analysis

  • "Growing like Spain 1995 - 2007", M. García-Santana, E. Moral-Benito, J. Pijoan, Presentation
  • “Determinants of corporate investment and the financial crisis exploiting the micro CompNet data in the regression analysis framework”, MH. Felt, H. Chen & A. Ferrando, Presentation

Friday, 27 March 2015

  • Keynote speech by Gilbert Cette, Banque de France “Productivity trends from 1890 to 2012 in advanced countries”, Presentation

Plenary III: Trade

  • “Determinants of outward internationalisation mode choices of enterprises”, Siedschlag & G. Murphy
  • “Crisis severity and international trade network”, M.Endresz & F. Skudelny, Presentation
  • “Asymmetric shocks and asymmetric distributions”, F. Di Mauro & C. Vlad, Presentation

General discussion and wrap-up (Final Report Draft)


Workstream discussions (Days 1 and 2)

Workstream 1

  • “Measuring quality and selling capacity at a country-product level”, Francesco di Comite, Presentation
  • “Measuring the effectivenss of price cost competitiveness”, Styliani Christodoulopoulou, Presentation
  • “Current account and GDP a VAR approach”, Robert Vermeulen, Presentation
  • “Empirical Link between Firm-Level Indicators and Target Variables of Competitiveness: Bayesian Model Averaging Approach”, Benjamin Bluhm, Presentation
  • “Domestic demand and export performance in the euro area countries: Does export concentration matter?”, Paulo Soares Esteves, Presentation

Workstream 2

  • “Matching CompNet with WDN’s data”, Maddalena Ronchi
  • “Assessing the cleansing effect of the Great Recession across European countries”, Bartelsman, Lopez-Garcia and Presidente
  • “Financial frictions, misallocation and gains from trade”, Berthou, Manova and Sandoz, Presentation
  • “Spanish exporting firms. Stylised facts and recent trends”, González and Martín
  • “The cyclical behaviour of mark-ups: composition and changes in pricing strategies”, Lacuesta, Fernández, Montero and Urtasun Presentation
  • “Exchange rate movements, firm-level exports and heterogeneity”, Berthou, Demian and Dhyne, Presentation

Workstream 3

  • “FDI Impact on the productivity and employment of Spanish manufacturing firms”, Patrocinio Tello (Bank of Spain) and Antonio Rodrigues (Bank of Spain), Presentation
  • “FDI flows to advanced economies: to what extent do the structural factors matter?”, Selin Özyurt (ECB) and Guillaume Compeyron (ECB), Presentation
  • “Has the crisis changed the DNA of Belgian economy?”, Emmanuel Dhyne (National Bank of Belgium) and Cédric Duprez (National Bank of Belgium)
15 - 16 December 2014: CompNet Workshop, European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Monday, 15 December 2014

  • Keynote speech by E. Bartelsman, “Using micro-based data for research and policy analysis: lessons from 15 years of experience”, download keynote speech

Workstream discussions

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

  • Keynote speech by K. Manova: “The global production line position of Chinese firms”, download keynote speech
  • Plenary session: U. Cede, B. Chiriacescu, T. Lalinsky, J. Meriküll and Péter Harasztosi, “Export diversification and output volatility: Comparative firm-level evidence”, presentation , discussion
  • Conclusions of Advisory Board Meeting, download conclusions
18 – 19 September 2014: CompNet workshop, Banco de Portugal, Lisbon

Thursday, 18 September 2014

  • Keynote speech by Fabio Ghironi (University of Washington), "The Monetary Policy Implications of Market Reforms and Trade Integration", presentation

Session I - Monetary Policy and Firm Heterogeneity

Contributed papers:

  • Firm Heterogeneity, Access to External Financing and Firm Growth, presented by Iulia Siedschlag (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies), abstract
  • Firm-level Productivity and Exporting: Diagnosing the role of Financial Constraints, presented by Hylke Vandenbussche (European Commission), paper

Session II – Global Value Chains and International Trade (part I)

Contributed papers:

  • How Does Foreign Demand Activate Domestic Value Added? A Comparison Among the Major Euro-area Economies, presented by Rita Cappariello (Bancad’Italia), paper
  • The Value-added Trade Weighted Unit Labor Cost Indicator (TWULC) - An Alternative For Calculating Real Exchange Rates?, Presented by Maria Silgoner (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), abstract

Session II – Global Value Chains and International Trade (part II)

Contributed papers:

  • Firms and Aggregate Trade Performance (Higher moments), presented by Giorgio Barba Navaretti (University of Milan and Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano), abstract paper
  • Trade In Value Added And Multinational Groups, Presented by Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi University), presentation

Friday, 19 September 2014

Session III – Monetary Policy, financial Integration and firm/banks heterogeneity

  • Keynote speech by Dean Corbae (University of Wisconsin), presentation

Contributed papers:

  • The Risk-taking Channel Of Monetary Policy - Exploring All Avenues, Presented by Diana Bonfim (Banco De Portugal), paper
  • Competition in the Mexican Banking Industry, Presented by Bernardo Morais, paper

General discussion: CompNet Micro Database – Proposed Indicators and Ongoing Projects presentation

30 June – 01 July 2014: CompNet workshop, ECB, Frankfurt

Monday, 30 June 2014

  • K. Benkovskis et al., "Presentation of the CompNet compendium", presentation
  • N. Yamano, "Current developments and future expansions of the TiVA", presentation , paper
  • E. Dautovic et al., "Intra-industry trade between CESEE countries and the EU15", paper

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Invited Speaker: Susanto Basu, "TFP: Consumption and investment technical change"

Session: Financial Flows

  • A. Hobza, S. Zeugner, "Current Accounts and financial flows in the euro area", presentation
  • C. Fons, Rosen et al., "Foreign Ownership, Selection, and Productivity", paper

Session: The new CompNet micro-based database II

  • N. Benatti et al, "The financial module I: Firms’ financing constraints, a multivariate approach", presentation
13-14 March 2014: CompNet workshop, Banca d’Italia, Rome

Thursday, 13 March 2014

  • Pre-meeting: Individual Workstream sessions | bilateral meetings
  • Welcome address by Eugenio Gaiotti (Director General for Economics, Statistics and Research, Banca D’italia)
  • Introduction Filippo di Mauro (Chairman CompNet)
  • Keynote speech by Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti

Session I: Productivity and reallocation

  • Andrews, Criscuolo & Menon, "Do resources flow to innovative firms? Cross-country evidence from firm-level data"
  • E. Canton, "Business churn, sectoral performance and economic policy", paper , presentation
  • E. Dhyne, C. Fuss & P. Sevestre, "Export markets as Olympic games: It’s not only how high you jump but also whether you jump higher than others", presentation
  • Policy discussant: Eric Bartelsman (VU University Amsterdam) presentation
  • General discussion

Individual Workstream Sessions: Summary of morning meetings

  • P. Lopez-Garcia, V. Demian, I. Schott and N. Benatti Directorate, "The CompNet database 2.0: Some preliminary results", presentation

Friday, 14 March 2014

Session II: GVC and FDI

  • M. Timmer & de Vries, "Revealed comparative advantage at the task level – A GCV perspective", paper , presentation
  • R. Cappariello & A. Felettigh, "How does foreign demand activate domestic value added? A dashboard for the Italian economy", paper
  • V. Vicard, "Transfer pricing of multinational companies and aggregate trade"
  • Policy Discussion: Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi University) presentation
  • General discussion

Individual Workstream sessions

  • Pignatti, Pensa: Export competitiveness factors in the Eurozone countries: the Italian case, paper , presentation
  • Del Prete, Federico: Trade and finance: Is there more than just trade finance? Evidence from matched bank‐firm data, paper , presentation
  • D’Amato, Siangacomo, Tobal: Firms  Survival in Export Markets and Credit  Constraints ‐ Does foreign financing  matter? Evidence from micro data on  Argentine firms, paper , presentation
  • Verschelde, Dumont, Rayp, Merlevede: European competitiveness: A semipatric  stochastic metafrontier analysis at the firm  level, paper , presentation
  • Dhyne: The Belgian economy in the GVC – A microeconomic perspective, presentation
  • Blyde,  Molina:  Logistics  infrastructure  and  the  international  location  of  fragmented production, paper

Session III: External performance determinants: a cross-dimensional approach

  • C. Giordano & F. Zollino, "Measuring price competition and the impact on external performance of the largest economies in the euro area", presentation
  • M. Bugamelli & G. Barba Navaretti & E. Forlani & G. Ottaviano, "Firms and aggregate trade performance", presentation
  • Policy discussant: Fabiano Schivardi presentation
  • General discussion


12-13 December 2013: CompNet Workshop, European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Session 1: Indicators for measuring competitiveness

Session 2: Assessing External Imbalances

Presentations within workstreams:


Giordano, C. and Zollino, F. (2013), "Understanding the mystery of price-competitiveness indicators: a comparison across the largest economies in the euro area"



Iossifov, P. (2013), "Cross-border production chains and business cycle co-movement across Central and Eastern European Countries and the Euro Area"

Friday December 13, 2013

  • Invited Speaker: Kalina Manova (Stanford University), "Host Country Financial Development and MNC Activity"

Session 3: Integration into GVCs

19-20 September 2013: CompNet meeting at the Joint Vienna Institute, hosted by Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna
16-18 September 2013: CompNet training activity on Network Economics hosted by Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna
24-25 June 2013: CompNet meeting at the ECB, Frankfurt am Main

Monday 24 June

Session 1: Credit constraints: empirical micro studies

Tuesday, 25 June

Session 2: Trade in services

Session 3: Global value chains

Individual WS sessions – WS2

Galuščák, K. and Růžička, L. (2013), "Margins of Trade: Evidence from Czech Firm-Level Data", presentation (slides)
16-17 April 2013: Joint CompNet-PIIE-World Bank Event, Washington, D.C.
12-13 March 2013: CompNet meeting at the Central Bank of Ireland, Dublin

Tuesday 12 March

Session 1: Macro imbalances and competitiveness

Session 2: Micro foundations of competitiveness

Introduction and presentation of the interim report by Filippo di Mauro, Chairman of CompNet

di Mauro, F. (2013), "CompNet : First-year results", presentation (slides)

Wednesday, 13 March

Opening Remarks: Stefan Gerlach, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Ireland

Session 3: Competitiveness and global value chains

Individual WS sessions – WS1

Individual WS sessions – WS2

10-11 December 2012: CompNet meeting at the ECB, Frankfurt am Main

Monday, 10 December

di Mauro, F. (2012), "CompNet : the state of play", presentation (slides)

Session 1

Session 2

Tuesday, 11 December

Keynote Speech: Salvatore Rossi

Rossi, S. (2012), "Rethinking competitiveness in a mutant world", presentation (slides)

Session 3

Individual WS sessions – WS2

Individual WS sessions – WS3

20-21 September 2012: CompNet meeting at the Banque de France, Paris

Thursday, 20 September: Research Workshop

Session 1: Microeconomic shocks and aggregate fluctuations

Session 2: Trade and FDI

Keynote speech: John Haltiwanger

Haltiwanger, J. (2012), "Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Fluctuations: (Some) Open Questions", presentation (slides)

Session 3: Exporters’ dynamics

Friday, 21 September: CompNet Sessions

Session on services

Individual WS sessions – WS1

Individual WS sessions – WS2

2-3 April 2012: CompNet meeting at the ECB, Frankfurt am Main
Relevant External Events / Call for papers
  • 18-19 June 2015: Conference on “Structural reforms in the wake of recovery: Where do we stand?”, Banco de España, Madrid more
  • 23-25 October 2015 Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (CAED) Conference , Istanbul, Call for papers

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The Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet) is a hub for research and policy analysis on competitiveness and productivity.

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