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Are banks walking the talk on climate?

We’ve looked at how banks are taking climate and environmental risks into account in their business. What did we find? Are banks meeting our supervisory expectations?

Our host Katie Ranger discusses the results of our thematic review with Executive Board member and Supervisory Board Vice-Chair Frank Elderson on The ECB Podcast.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the European Central Bank.

Published on 2 November 2022 and recorded on 21 October 2022.

In this episode
The results of our thematic review

How banks are managing climate and environmental risks, and what happens if they don’t meet our supervisory expectations.

Zooming in on bank strategies

What steps banks have taken to understand how climate-related risks might impact their business model, and how they intend to adjust their strategy, such as through transition plans, plus areas that need more work.

What is holding banks back from acting

Why banks need to look at both short and longer term horizons when thinking about these risks.

Zooming in on risk management

How banks are taking climate-related risks into account when ensuring they have enough capital to cover their risks, and where more progress is needed.

Why can’t banks just stop funding carbon-intensive activities?

Why banks need transition plans to manage their risks as the world moves towards a greener economy, and our role here as supervisor.

The next steps for supervisors and banks

How we will supervise banks to make sure they adequately manage climate-related risks and what we will do if they don’t, and what banks need to do to continue their path towards greening their business.

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