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ECB Forum on Central Banking

The ECB Forum on Central Banking is an annual event organised by the European Central Bank and is ordinarily held in Sintra, Portugal.

It brings together central bank governors, academics, financial market representatives, journalists and others to exchange views on current policy issues and discuss the Forum’s key topic from a longer-term perspective.

ECB Forum on Central Banking - 2021

The 2021 ECB Forum on Central Banking “Beyond the pandemic: the future of monetary policy” took place as an online event on 28 and 29 September 2021.

During the event we considered the broader economic implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and discussed future challenges for monetary policy. We discussed topics such as the future of inflation, employment and the distributional effects of monetary policy, and examined the link between monetary policy and climate change in a European context. We also considered the role of corporate indebtedness in a post-pandemic world and reflected on the potentially lasting structural changes brought about by the pandemic across business sectors.

2021 Forum - Conference proceedings

Highlights from the 2021 Forum

The two days of the ECB Forum were filled with presentations, speeches and discussions highlighting this year's key topic from different angles. Conference moderator Claire Jones presents some highlights.

2021 Forum - Programme


Our speakers came from a wide range of fields. Learn more about their backgrounds and professional experience.

2021 Forum - Speakers


199 registered participants actively attended our online Forum. They asked questions and cast their vote for the Young economists' competition.

2021 Forum - Participants

Young economists’ competition

Selected finalists attended the ECB Forum on Central Banking and the final winner received a €10,000 prize.

Young economists' competition 2021

2020 ECB Forum on Central Banking - Central Banks in a shifting world

Conference proceedings

Have a look at the programme and the collection of the papers discussed at the Forum.

2020 Forum - Conference proceedings

Selected takeaways

Two of the Forum organisers highlight some of the main points from the papers and debates.

2020 Forum - Selected takeaways

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