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Updated classification system between the reporting frameworks of the ECB and the EBA

23 March 2012

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) have today published a second version of the classification system between their respective reporting frameworks.

The first version of the classification system was published in February 2010. This second edition includes further enhancements and updates a series of reconciliation proposals which are in the process of being implemented. These efforts will help further streamline the reporting by entities that are required to deliver data to the Eurosystem as well as to supervisory authorities. The classification system also facilitates a better understanding of the links between different data frameworks and creates synergies between datasets originally designed for different purposes.

The classification system is composed of two elements. The first element is a bridging manual linking the ECB’s monetary and financial statistics requirements with the supervisory reporting templates (FINREP, COREP and Large Exposures) developed by the EBA. The second element is a database that aims to help reporting agents and other users to identify similarities and differences between data for ECB statistical purposes and data for financial supervisors in the context of the EBA framework. The relational database can be downloaded from the ECB’s web site.

The classification system was prepared by the Joint Expert Group on Reconciliation of credit institutions’ statistical and supervisory reporting requirements (JEGR), established jointly by the European System of Central Banks’ (ESCB) Statistics Committee and Financial Stability Committee together with the EBA. Together with the second edition, which is only available in electronic format, the ECB and EBA will soon publish also a pocket version of the JEGR manual as a hardcopy publication. The pocket manual provides a brief overview of the differences and commonalities between the ECB’s statistical framework and the EBA’s supervisory framework. Moreover, the web page hosting the JEGR classification system will soon include also a F.A.Q. section.

The ECB and the EBA will continue to maintain and further enhance the classification system over time, in particular in view of forthcoming amendments to the FINREP, COREP and Large Exposures templates as well as potentially relevant changes to the ECB statistical reporting framework.


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