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For media

The ECB Forum on Central Banking is an opportunity to exchange views on the most important policy issues facing central banks around the world.

It will take place from 1 to 3 July 2024 in Sintra, Portugal. This year’s theme is “Monetary policy in an era of transformation”.

We want to open up the debate on social media, and we encourage everyone to get involved in the discussions. Join the conversation by using hashtags #ECBForum and #YoungEconomistPrize.

How do I watch the ECB Forum?

You can watch the Forum live on our website.

Where can I access speeches, presentation slides and papers from the ECB Forum?

Papers discussed during the Forum will be published on the ECB’s website shortly before the conference begins. We also aim to publish any other relevant papers, speeches and slides as soon as each session starts.



For media related information, please contact:

Lena-Sophie Demuth
+49 162 295 2316

Silvia Margiocco
+49 170 562 6783

Eva Finkernagel-Eid
+49 173 169 1176

Get in touch

For technical assistance, please contact the Forum's secretariat.

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