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Níl an t-ábhar seo ar fáil i nGaeilge.

€2 commemorative coins - 2004

Vatican City

Feature:75th anniversary of the founding of the Vatican City State

Description: The inner part shows a schematic representation of the perimeter walls of the Vatican City with St Peter's Basilica in the foreground. Also in the inner part are the inscriptions '75 o ANNO DELLO STATO' and '1929-2004' as well as, in smaller letters, the name of the designer 'VEROI' and the initials of the engraver 'L.D.S. INC.'. The outer part of the coin features the twelve stars of the European Union and the inscription 'CITTA' DEL VATICANO'.

Issuing volume: 100,000 coins

Issuing date: December 2004


Feature:5th decade of the World Food Programme

Description: In the centre is the globe, tilted to the right and bearing the inscription 'WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME'. An ear of wheat, an ear of maize and an ear of rice, the three grains representing the world's basic sources of nourishment, emerge from behind the globe. To the right of the globe is an 'I' superimposed on an 'R', denoting 'Repubblica Italiana', below which there appears a smaller combination of the letters U and P, the initials of the engraver, Uliana Pernazza. To the upper left of the globe is the mint mark 'R' and under the globe is the year – '2004'. The 12 stars of the European Union are positioned around the outer circle.

Issuing volume: 16 million coins

Issuing date: December 2004

San Marino

Feature:Bartolomeo Borghesi (historian, numismatist)

Description: the twelve stars of the European Union positioned around the outer circle of the coin and the issuing year '2004', positioned bottom centre, surround the bust of Bartolomeo Borghesi. To the left of the bust is the inscription 'Bartolomeo Borghesi', and one above the other are the letter 'R' and the engraver's initials 'E.L.F.'. To the right of the bust is the word 'San Marino'.

Issuing volume: 110,000 coins

Issuing date: December 2004


Feature:Enlargement of the European Union by ten new Member States

Description: the design describes a stylised pillar from which the sprouts grow upwards. The sprouts represent the enlargement of the European Union. The pillar represents the foundation for growth. Near the pillar there are the letters 'EU'. In the upper part of the coin there is the year '2004'. Twelve stars, together with the year, surround the design.

Issuing volume: 1 million coins

Issuing date: June 2004


Feature: Effigy and monogram of Grand-Duke Henri

Description: the coin depicts on the left hand of the inner part the effigy of His Royal Highness, the Grand-Duke Henri, looking to the right, and on the right hand the monogram of the Grand-Duke Henri (special letter 'H' topped with a crown). The 12 stars appear in semi-circular form at the right of the monogram. The year 2004, surrounded by the mint mark as well as the engraver's initials, and the word LËTZEBUERG are written in circular form at the top of the ring. The words 'HENRI — Grand-Duc de Luxembourg' appear at the bottom of the ring.

Issuing volume: 2.49 million coins

Issuing date: June 2004


Feature: Olympic Games in Athens 2004

Description: the twelve stars of the European Union positioned around the outer circle surround the design of an ancient statue depicting a discobolus in his attempt to throw the discus. The base of the statue covers a small part of the coin's external ring (outer part). To the left is the logo of the Olympic Games 'ATHENS 2004' and the five Olympic circles, and to the right, one above the other, are the figure '2' and the word 'ΕΥΡΩ'. The yearmark is written in split form around the star positioned bottom centre, as follows: 20*04 and the mintmark is above the athlete's head to the left.

Issuing volume: 50 million coins

Issuing date: March 2004