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Exchanging national cash

Former national banknotes and coins, such as Deutsche Mark or Spanish pesetas, can in most cases still be exchanged for euro. This is done only by the national central banks. The ECB does not exchange any banknotes or coins.

To see which banknotes can be exchanged for euro, click on the country name in the table below and consult the time limits given. Several national central banks still exchange even older banknote series than those depicted.

Time limits

Some central banks have set a time limit for the exchange of national banknotes and coins

Time limits
Country Exchange of banknotes until Exchange of coins until
Austria unlimited unlimited
Belgium unlimited 31 Nollaig 2004
Cyprus 31 Nollaig 2017 31 Nollaig 2009
Finland 29 Feabhra 2012 29 Feabhra 2012
France 17 Feabhra 2012 17 Feabhra 2005
Germany unlimited unlimited
Greece 1 Márta 2012 1 Márta 2004
Estonia unlimited unlimited
Ireland unlimited unlimited
Italy 6 Nollaig 2011 6 Nollaig 2011
Latvia unlimited unlimited
Lithuania unlimited unlimited
Luxembourg unlimited 31 Nollaig 2004
Malta 31 Eanáir 2018 1 Feabhra 2010
Netherlands (1) 1 Eanáir 2032 1 Eanáir 2007
Portugal 28 Feabhra 2022 31 Nollaig 2002
Slovenia unlimited 31 Nollaig 2016
Slovakia unlimited 2 Eanáir 2014
Spain 30 Meitheamh 2021 30 Meitheamh 2021
(1) De Nederlandsche Bank will not exchange guilders in every case. Guilders obtained from commercial activities after 27 January 2002 will no longer be exchanged. For more information, please see the website of De Nederlandsche Bank.

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