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Governance and stakeholder engagement

Project governance

The body steering the digital euro project is the Eurosystem’s High-Level Task Force on Digital Euro, which reports to the ECB’s Governing Council. It is made up of members from national central banks of the Eurosystem.

Members of the High-Level Task Force on Digital Euro

EU institutions and policymakers

At the ECB we engage extensively with other EU institutions and policymakers on a digital euro. We regularly discuss the project with the finance ministers of euro area countries and with Members of the European Parliament in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

The ECB is cooperating closely with the European Commission to review, at the technical level, a broad range of policy-related, legal and technical questions that emerge from the possible introduction of a digital euro. We welcomethe European Commission’s legislative proposal on the establishment of the digital euro and stand ready to provide technical input to support the work of the EU co-legislators.

As part of the digital euro project, the ECB is cooperating with other EU bodies and institutions, such as the European Data Protection Authorities and the European Economic and Social Committee.

The decision on whether to ultimately issue a digital euro will be considered after the adoption of the legislative framework for the digital euro at the European level. 

Euro Retail Payments Board

The Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) supports the Eurosystem by providing the views of members who represent both the demand and supply sides of the European retail payments market.

The ERPB is a forum for dialogue with the market on the topic of a digital euro. The ECB informs and consults the ERPB about the progress on its digital euro work in regular meetings, technical sessions and written procedures.

The ERPB is a high-level strategic body tasked with fostering the integration, innovation and competitiveness of euro retail payments in the EU.

Its members represent industry and stakeholder associations. Dedicated ERPB technical sessions on a digital euro are the main forum for engagement with ERPB member associations.

Digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group

The Rulebook Development Group is preparing a rulebook for a digital euro scheme.

Read more about the digital euro Rulebook

A true European initiative

We’re fully committed to continuing our engagement with all stakeholders involved in this journey. We stand ready to cooperate with EU legislators, market participants and civil society organisations, among others, to ensure no one is left behind.

Groups previously involved in the project

The Digital Euro Market Advisory Group advised the Eurosystem on the design and potential roll-out of a digital euro during the investigation phase. The group’s members were market practitioners, acting in a personal capacity, who had direct, active experience in the retail payments space.

Throughout the investigation phase, we published several reports on the progress of the project to update the public on the project status. We also published material that had been presented to stakeholders and shared feedback that had been received from market stakeholders. Explore all published documents from the investigation phase.

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