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Calls for applications for digital euro component providers

3 January 2024

The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued five calls for applications to establish framework agreements with potential providers of digital euro components and related services.

At this stage the ECB is not making a commitment to launch any of the development work listed in the calls for applications. The purpose of the selection process is to establish framework agreements with the most suitable external providers to ensure that the Eurosystem is prepared to start developing a digital euro in the future if warranted. No decision to issue a digital euro will be taken until the European Union’s legislative process has been completed.

The framework agreements resulting from this procedure concern only some of the digital euro related services. Other components, such as payment settlement, would be sourced internally from within the Eurosystem.

The calls for applications target the following digital euro components:

  1. the alias lookup component, which would facilitate payment transactions by users and intermediaries using simple aliases instead of long account numbers;
  2. the fraud and risk management component, which would provide additional support for intermediaries in identifying fraudulent transactions;
  3. the app and software development kit (SDK) components, consisting of a digital euro app and an SDK to support intermediaries in the provision of digital euro services through their own mobile apps and online interfaces; 
  4. the offline services component, including engineering and development services to provide an offline bearer payment instrument;
  5. the secure exchange of payment information component, which supports the conversion of transactional information (e.g. the amount of a transaction) and/or sensitive information (e.g. the payment instrument used) into a secure form at the request of an intermediary.

Candidates that meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the calls for applications should submit their applications by the respective deadlines indicated in the different calls for applications. Any questions regarding these calls for applications must be submitted via the ECB’s eTendering platform.

Following the evaluation of each call for applications, the ECB will invite the highest ranked respondents to submit offers in a subsequent Invitation to Tender (ITT).

The outcome of the public tender procedure will be published on the ECB’s website.