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Banknote manufacturer accreditation

Keeping euro banknotes to the highest standards

The ECB has a duty to ensure the integrity of the euro as a means of payment by applying the highest environmental, health and safety, security, ethical and quality standards throughout the research and development, design, production and supply phases of euro banknotes.

Euro banknotes must therefore be produced to specific industrial standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and meet strict security requirements.

Manufacturers of euro items must be accredited

The manufacturing of euro items and of euro secure items is also subject to an ECB accreditation procedure. Only accredited manufacturers may participate in procurements and enter into contracts for euro item activities or euro secure item activities.

The conditions of this procedure are laid down in Decision ECB/2020/24 which applies from 18 May 2021.

Fields of accredited manufacturers

  • Banknote printing
  • Banknote papermaking
  • Manufacturing of printing inks
  • Manufacturing of holographic foils
  • Manufacturing of banknote security threads
  • Manufacturing of other secure items

Further information on ECB accreditation procedures

For further information, download the Q&A on the accreditation procedures.

If you are considering seeking accreditation

Send an email with a short description in English of the products you manufacture (maximum two A4 pages) to Normally we reply within one month.

We use PGP encryption for secure communication. Please download the PGP key of QEHS.accreditation for use when transmitting sensitive information.

Other opportunities for cooperation with the ECB

If you wish to propose new security features or banknote production or processing technologies, please see Banknote research and development.

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