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Jewish memorial visit

In a dark chapter of the main building’s history, the cellar of the Grossmarkthalle was used during the Second World War as the assembly point for nearly 10,000 Jews, who were deported from there, by train, to concentration camps.

It is possible to visit the onsite memorial by signing up for a guided tour organised by the Jewish Museum Frankfurt. If you wish to take this tour, visit the website of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt (only in German).

Elsaesser Exhibition

The Grossmarkthalle at the centre of the main building was designed by the architect Martin Elsaesser and built between 1926 and 1928. At that time, it was one of the largest building complexes in the city of Frankfurt, and also the world’s largest free spanning, reinforced concrete structure.

You can visit the Elsaesser Exhibition housed in the Grossmarkthalle by signing up for a guided tour organised by the Elsaesser Foundation. For more information about the Elsaesser Exhibition, visit Grossmarkthalle Frankfurt (only in German).

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