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ECB Visitor Centre: onsite and virtual visits

Why is it important that prices remain stable and what does this mean for your purchasing power? How do we make sure that your savings are safe in the bank? What have Europe’s main achievements been? Find out the answers to these questions and many more at our Visitor Centre.

Onsite visits to the ECB are currently suspended due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), but in the meantime you can take a virtual tour of our Visitor Centre. We will update this page as soon as onsite visits are possible again. In case of questions, please contact us by email at

Virtual tour

Take the virtual tour and explore our Visitor Centre from wherever you are in the world! If you have a VR headset, put it on for an even more immersive experience!

Take the virtual tour

How can I access the virtual tour using a VR headset?

Install the Google Street View app on your mobile phone (iOS, Android). Search for the European Central Bank and tap on one of the official ECB photos showing the inside of the building. Press the VR headset icon in the top right-hand corner to start the VR mode, put your phone in your VR device and enjoy the immersive experience!


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