European Cultural Days of the ECB

Celebrating Europe

Our 2019 European Cultural Days will be dedicated to Europe’s common identity. With this series of events we aim to highlight the cultural diversity and richness of the European Union, while connecting to local audiences.

This year we celebrate a very special anniversary: 20 years since the introduction of our single currency – the euro.

To mark the occasion, we have developed a truly European programme which showcases some of the most well-loved pieces of music by European composers, performed by world class musicians from countries all over our continent.

22 August 2019

Europa Open Air concert
Weseler Werft, Frankfurt

The Europa Open Air concert will be organised in cooperation with the Hessischer Rundfunk for the third year running.

The concert will take place on 22 August and will be broadcast live to bring this experience to everyone in Europe – stay tuned for the details!

You will find more information on our upcoming events in due course on this web page.

More Information

About the Cultural Days

The European Union (EU) has its foundations in shared ideas and values, while also being home to a rich and varied array of cultures, made up of the traditions of the individual countries and regions. The European Cultural Days of the ECB provide an opportunity to celebrate this “unity in diversity”.


Mario Draghi, President of the ECB

“Working together to enhance awareness of a country’s cultural heritage that is part of our roots and our identity offers a good opportunity to educate and prepare future generations, who will have a key role in strengthening cohesiveness and community spirit and in deciding the way in which the European institutions will develop. The mission of the European Cultural Days fully meets this aim.”

Each year, the European Cultural Days of the ECB focus on a different Member State of the European Union. Towards the end of the year Frankfurt am Main becomes the setting for many high-quality artistic performances, ranging from music, dance and theatre to art lectures and exhibitions, literary events and films, as well as events for children. The ECB organises the Cultural Days together with the national central bank of the featured country and with the support of its many partners, who are committed to promoting European arts and culture.

Past events since 2003

Lithuania 2018
Thank you, Lithuania!

Malta 2015
Thank you, Malta!

Latvia 2013
Thank you, Latvia!

Italy 2011
Thank you, Italy!

Romania 2009
Thank you, Romania!

Greece 2007
Thank you, Greece!

Spain 2017
Thank you, Spain!


Germany 2016
Thank you, Germany!

Bulgaria 2014
Thank you, Bulgaria!

France 2012
Thank you, France!

Netherlands 2010
Thank you, Netherlands!

European Union 2008
Thank you, Europe!

Austria 2006
Thank you, Austria!

Hungary 2005
Thank you, Hungary!

Poland 2004
Thank you, Poland!

Portugal 2003
Thank you, Portugal!