The Delors Committee (1988-89)

The Committee for the Study of Economic and Monetary Union, better known as the Delors Committee, was set up in June 1988. Its establishment followed a European Council mandate to examine and propose concrete stages leading to European Economic and Monetary Union. The Committee was chaired by Jacques Delors, the President of the European Commission at the time. It consisted of the Governors of the European Economic Community Member States’ central banks and some other members. Among them was Alexandre Lamfalussy, then General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel and later the first President of the European Monetary Institute.

The Delors Committee fulfilled its mandate by launching a report in April 1989 on “Economic and Monetary Union in the European Community”. Among other proposals, the report suggested three stages for achieving Economic and Monetary Union and helped the monetary and economic unification process to develop.

The records of the Delors Committee are paper based and consist of 12 boxes covering meetings held between September 1988 and April 1989, as well as the preparation and finalisation of the Delors Report. Documents are mostly written in English and French.