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Call for expressions of interest in participation in the digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group

3 January 2023

The ECB/Eurosystem is inviting experienced experts in the field of payments/finance to express their interest in contributing to the drafting of a rulebook for a digital euro scheme.

Following the decision of the ECB’s Governing Council to launch the investigation phase of the digital euro project, the Eurosystem has explored various options for the distribution of a digital euro. Building on the input from the consultation, a digital euro scheme is considered to be the option best suited to achieving the objectives of a digital euro and harnessing the respective strengths of the public and private sectors.

To support the drafting of a scheme rulebook, obtain market input and gain an industry perspective, the Eurosystem is establishing a digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group. This will be composed of market representatives with relevant experience and of Eurosystem staff. The Rulebook Development Group will work on the basis of the design decisions taken by the Governing Council as regards the digital euro programme. It will report to the Chair of the Rulebook Development Group, who will, in turn, report directly to the Digital Euro Programme Manager.

Market representatives will need to be nominated by a relevant European stakeholder association representing key players in the European retail payments market, such as:

  • on the supply side: payment service providers, the banking community, payment institutions or e-money institutions;
  • on the demand side: consumers, retailers with a physical presence, online retailers, businesses/corporations or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Candidates will be selected by the Digital Euro team based on their managerial experience in retail payments and the skills required for the role. Candidates selected will become members of the digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group, representing their respective stakeholder association.

The digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group plans to commence work in February 2023.

Candidates interested in joining the digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group should submit their answers in writing to the following questions to substantiate their credentials for the role (the answers should not exceed 2,000 words in total):

  1. What interest does your nominating stakeholder association have in the success of a digital euro in general, and the Rulebook in particular?
  2. What professional experience qualifies you to participate in the drafting of the digital euro scheme Rulebook?
  3. What specific knowledge (e.g. technical or payment standards knowledge) will you and the stakeholder association you represent be able to contribute to the drafting of the rulebook?
  4. How do you plan to coordinate with the stakeholder association you represent?
  5. What motivates you and the stakeholder association you represent to participate in a group dedicated to creating a scheme rulebook for a digital euro?

Candidates must also enclose their respective CVs and a nomination letter from the stakeholder association of major relevance to European retail payments that they represent. The application should also be accompanied by a letter of consent from the nominee’s employer. The requisite documents should be sent to by 20 January 2023.

All applications will be treated confidentially. The list of candidates selected will be made public.

Participation in the digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group will not be remunerated.