Building description

Three main elements

The building ensemble that is the ECB’s new premises comprises three main elements: the Grossmarkthalle (Frankfurt’s former wholesale market hall), complete with new internal structures; a high-rise consisting of two office towers joined by an atrium; and the entrance building, which creates a visual link between the Grossmarkthalle and the high-rise, and marks the main entrance to the ECB on Sonnemannstrasse.


The Grossmarkthalle, which has been completely renovated and restored, is an integral part of the ECB’s new premises. Image gallery

Relic of the 1920s

The Grossmarkthalle was built between 1926 and 1928 on the basis of the design of Martin Elsaesser, who was Director of Town Planning for the City of Frankfurt am Main at the time. It has been a listed building since 1972 and housed a wholesale fruit and vegetable market until 4 June 2004.

A new purpose

Having undergone extensive renovation and restoration work, which was completed in 2014, the Grossmarkthalle now houses the more public areas of the ECB, such as the lobby, exhibition areas and cafeteria, as well as a visitor centre, staff restaurant and conference area. The latter have been integrated into the hall as separate buildings on the basis of a “house-in-house” concept. The market hall is accessed via the main entrance underneath the entrance building.

Data on the Grossmarkthalle
Gross floor area of the hall approx. 12,500 m²
Height of the hall approx. 23 m
Length of the hall 220 m
Width of the hall 50 m
Height of the wing buildings 32.50 m
Floor area of the wing buildings approx. 975 m²


Standing at a height of 185 m, the high-rise, with its distinctive silhouette extends Frankfurt’s skyline to the east. Image gallery

The high-rise consists of two polygonal towers that are joined by an atrium. The north tower has 45 storeys and the south tower has 43.

Vertical city

The concept behind the glazed atrium between the two towers is one of a “vertical city”, with interchange platforms and bridges creating the impression of urban streets and squares. The interchange platforms divide the atrium into three sections of varying heights (between 45 m and 60 m).


The high-rise houses the vast majority of the ECB’s workplaces and internal meeting rooms. The large council meeting room and offices of members of the ECB’s decision-making bodies are located on the upper floors. Each floor offers a high level of flexibility to allow for a variety of office configurations.

Data on the high-rise
Gross floor area approx. 110,000 m²
Floor area (per storey per tower) 700 m² to 1,200 m²
Height of the north tower 185 m (45 storeys)
Height of the south tower 165 m (43 storeys)

Entrance building

The entrance building marks the main entrance to the ECB on Sonnemannstrasse. Image gallery

Visual link

The entrance building creates a visual link between the high-rise and the Grossmarkthalle. With its asymmetrical design, inclined facades and generously proportioned windows, it forms the design lead-in to the high-rise behind it.

Press centre

The entrance building houses the press centre, from where the ECB’s press conferences are broadcast. The press centre is accessible via a lobby, above which there are workstations that can be used by journalists during press conferences. There is also a second auditorium next to the large press conference room.

Data on the entrance building
Gross floor area approx. 3,000 m²
Height 27.50 m