Youth initiatives

Young people have a central role in shaping tomorrow’s Europe. That’s why we organise a range of initiatives around Europe intended to help you learn more about economics, central banking and the ECB’s responsibilities, and to give you the chance to share with us your views and ideas on the topics that interest and affect you.

Coding challenge for students

A group of students will join our IT and risk management experts at the ECB between 25 and 27 November to develop a cutting-edge dashboard to monitor financial risks. The students will work in teams to come up with creative solutions related to data masking, machine learning, application programming interfaces (APIs) and front-end development.
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Generation €uro Students’ Award

Interested in economics? Want to learn more about the ECB and monetary policy? Then sign up for the Generation €uro Students’ Award, a competition open to teams of students from secondary schools in the euro area.

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Sendung mit der Maus

On 3 October 2019, we opened our doors to over 230 fans of Germany’s well-known TV show “Die Sendung mit der Maus”. Children aged 8 to 12 had a great time discovering what makes euro banknotes secure and learning about Europe and the ECB together with our special guest, Tobias Krell.

Photos of the 2019 event

Young economists’ competition at ECB Forum


Are you a PhD student in economics or finance? Do you want to present your research to policymakers and top academics? Then check out our annual young economists’ competition! The finalists are invited to the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal. The final winner receives a €10,000 prize.

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#EUROat20 ECB-QuizClash competition

Back in February and March 1.6 million players entered the #EUROat20 ECB-QuizClash competition on the QuizClash app, testing their knowledge of the euro and the European Central Bank. Well done to those who got all questions right: you are true euro experts! 30 winners were selected in our prize draw – you can see who they are .

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Winners of the Generation €uro Students’ Award ask President Draghi their questions

Winners of the Generation €uro Students’ Award (G€SA), representing successful teams, selected from over 5000 applicants and 10 euro area countries, met ECB President Mario Draghi and asked him their questions on Wednesday, 8 May.

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Model European Council at the ECB

On 28 and 29 March 2019, around 200 students from all over Europe participated in a Model European Council meeting at the ECB. They took on different roles, from interpreters to heads of state, and debated important European affairs, such as the future of the eurozone.

Photos of the event

Euro Video Challenge

What’s it like to visit the ECB for the first time? In 2017 we asked young Europeans to create a short, engaging video about economics in our Euro Video Challenge. A year later we invited the finalists to the ECB to let them experience economics first-hand.

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