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What I particularly like about my work at the ECB

I am excited to work for the ECB’s Financial Stability Surveillance Division, as I have the chance to learn new things every day, not only related to my work but also related to my personal development – I feel I am more responsible now and I embrace challenges more easily.

What I also enjoy at the ECB is having the chance to interact with people from all over Europe and to build long-lasting relationships. People here are a source of inspiration to me and I try to learn as much as possible from each of them.

How my work makes a difference

My work as a trainee involves supporting the financial experts within my team with various analytical tasks. One of the major projects I was involved in was contributing to the data preparation for the “Financial Stability Review” which can be found on the ECB’s website. This is an important piece of work as it provides a system-wide financial assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, and is complementary to micro-prudential banking supervision, which focuses more on the soundness of individual institutions. Being part of this project was a great opportunity for me to gain more knowledge of financial stability.

What I like about my traineeship is that even if I am assigned a supervisor, I am also encouraged to take initiative and work independently.

What I like about Frankfurt

After work and at the weekend, I like walking across the Main river – it relaxes me since it’s a quiet area where you can often see people playing sports or just sitting on a bench and enjoying the view.

Here at the ECB I have had the chance to meet many people and I have learnt how to appreciate the cultural diversity we have. I often meet my friends either to go to art exhibitions and museums or to go to the ECB gym where we take part in Zumba classes. At the weekend we often meet and cook together or organise trips to explore the surrounding areas of Frankfurt.