Visiting the European Central Bank

ECB main building

If you are interested in the workings of the ECB, the architecture of its main building or even the bank’s art collection, come and visit our premises in the Ostend of Frankfurt am Main for a lecture or a guided tour.

Our institution is open to individuals and groups alike. So members of the public, students, social organisations and professional bodies are all equally welcome.

Educational visits

General Information Visit

Learn more about the ECB’s role as the monetary policy authority behind the euro – the single currency of 19 EU countries – and what it does to keep banks safe, both inside and outside the euro area. Discover how the bank is organised and how it makes decisions to protect the value of your money and to maintain stable prices in the euro area.

Visiting times:
Monday and Friday at 16:00 CET
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 CET
Duration of visit:
90 minutes

Tailored Visit

If your group already knows a lot about the roles and responsibilities of the ECB, we can arrange a special visit that focuses on your particular area of interest. Experts from the bank will provide in-depth information on topics related to monetary policy and banking supervision, including statistics and economic development. The visit will involve presentations and lectures. You will also have an opportunity to discuss issues with our experts and to ask them questions.

Visiting times:
Monday and Friday at 10:30 CET
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 16:00 CET
Duration of visit:
from 90 to 180 minutes

To request a “General Information” or “Tailored” visit, email us at – please specify the type of visit involved and your preferred date(s) and time(s). The minimum number of participants is 15.

For those requesting a “Tailored” visit, please describe the type of group involved and your topics of interest.

Priority is given to those who have not visited us previously. We aim to maintain a fair balance as regards the nationalities of visitors. Requests for “General Information” visits are mainly dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. In the case of “Tailored” visits, the possible multiplier effects of a group will also be taken into account (i.e. the extent to which the information received will be passed on to a wider audience).

A minimum of four weeks’ notice is necessary – visits cannot be requested more than three months in advance.

Architecture and art visits

Expert architecture tour

If you have a specialist interest in the design, construction and technical details of our main building, we organise architecture tours for expert audiences on a monthly basis.

Visiting times:
from September 2017 on the last Tuesday of every month, between 16:00 and 17:30 CET.
Duration of visit:
90 minutes

To request a tour, email us at – please specify the preferred date for your visit. Group size between 10 and 25 participants.

ECB art collection visit

The ECB’s art collection comprises more than 400 paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and art objects with a focus on contemporary art. Visitors are able to come and see some of these works.

Visiting times:
from September 2017 on the first Tuesday of every month at 17:30 CET
Duration of visit:
60 minutes

Information about how to book an art collection visit will be available in due course.

Other visits

Jewish Memorial Visit

During the Second World War, the Gestapo used the cellar of the Grossmarkthalle in the main building as the assembly point for nearly 10,000 Jews who were deported from there, by train, to concentration camps. The on-site memorial now located here can only be visited by way of a guided tour.

If you wish to take this tour, visit Jüdisches Museum (only in German).

Elsaesser Exhibition

The Grossmarkthalle at the centre of the main building was designed by the architect Martin Elsaesser and built between 1926 and 1928. At that time, it was one of the largest building complexes in the city of Frankfurt, and also the world’s largest free spanning, reinforced concrete structure.

For more information about the Elsaesser exhibition, visit Grossmarkthalle Frankfurt (only in German).

Visitor centre

The ECB is planning to open a visitor centre in its main building. Visitors will have an opportunity to understand our mission, our work and our environment.