Darracq Pariès, Matthieu

No. Title Authors
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1508A non-standard monetary policy shock: the ECB's 3-year LTROs and the shift in credit supplyDe Santis, Roberto A., Darracq Pariès, Matthieu
1251Macroeconomic propagation under different regulatory regimes: Evidence from an estimated DSGE model for the euro areaKok, Christoffer, Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Diego, Darracq Pariès, Matthieu
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1065Monetary policy and inflationary shocks under imperfect credibilityDarracq Pariès, Matthieu, Moyen, Stéphane
972Monetary policy and housing prices in an estimated DSGE for the US and the euro areaDarracq Pariès, Matthieu, Notarpietro, Alessandro
962Optimal monetary policy and the transmission of oil-supply shocks to the euro area under rational expectationsAdjemian, Stéphane, Darracq Pariès, Matthieu
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884A quantitative perspective on optimal monetary policy cooperation between the US and the euro areaAdjemian, Stéphane, Darracq Pariès, Matthieu, Smets, Frank
834International frictions and optimal monetary policy cooperation: analytical solutionsDarracq Pariès, Matthieu
803Optimal monetary policy in an estimated DSGE for the euro areaAdjemian, Stéphane, Darracq Pariès, Matthieu, Moyen, Stéphane