Stracca, Livio

No. Title Authors
2100More than a feeling: confidence, uncertainty and macroeconomic fluctuationsNowzohour, Laura, Stracca, Livio
2050If the Fed sneezes, who catches a cold?Dedola, Luca, Rivolta, Giulia, Stracca, Livio
1993Trade, finance or policies: what drives the cross-border spill-over of business cycles?Stracca, Livio, Montinari, Letizia
1921The real exchange rate and economic growth: revisiting the case using external instrumentsStracca, Livio, Mileva, Elitza, Habib, Maurizio Michael
1827Capital regulation in a macroeconomic model with three layers of defaultNikolov, Kalin, Stracca, Livio, Derviz, Alexis, Mendicino, Caterina, Moyen, Stéphane, Clerk, Laurent, Suarez, Javier, Vardoulakis, Alexandros P.
1774Does fiscal austerity affect public opinion?Stracca, Livio, Kalbhenn, Anna
1668The effect of G20 summits on global financial marketsStracca, Livio, Lo Duca, Marco
1620The rise of China and India: blessing or curse for the advanced countries?Stracca, Livio
1609Foreign investors and risk shocks: seeking a safe haven or running for the exit?Stracca, Livio, Habib, Maurizio Michael
1584Macroeconomic imbalances: a question of trust?Stracca, Livio, Buetzer, Sascha, Jordan, Christina
1573The global effects of the euro debt crisisStracca, Livio
1543Financial imbalances and household welfare: empirical evidence from the EUStracca, Livio
1522What does a financial shock do? First international evidenceStracca, Livio, Fornari, Fabio
1501Explaining EU citizens’ trust in the ECB in normal and crisis timesEhrmann, Michael, Stracca, Livio, Soudan, Michel
1442Global exchange rate configurations: Do oil shocks matter?Stracca, Livio, Habib, Maurizio Michael, Buetzer, Sascha
1344Have euro area and EU economic governance worked? Just the factsStracca, Livio, Ioannou, Demosthenes
1288Getting beyond carry trade: what makes a safe haven currency?Habib, Maurizio Michael, Stracca, Livio
1260A decade (and a global financial crisis) after Blinder: The interaction between researchers and policy-makers in central banksStracca, Livio, Bussière, Matthieu
1236Is the New Keynesian IS curve structural?Stracca, Livio
1161Housing, consumption and monetary policy: how different are the US and the euro area?Musso, Alberto, Neri, Stefano, Stracca, Livio
1128EMU and the adjustment to asymmetric shocks: the case of ItalyAmisano, Gianni, Giammarioli, Nicola, Stracca, Livio
1069Housing finance and monetary policyCalza, Alessandro, Monacelli, Tommaso, Stracca, Livio
1064Does it pay to have the euro? Italy’s politics and financial markets under the lira and the euroFratzscher, Marcel, Stracca, Livio
956The political economy under monetary union: has the euro made a difference?Fratzscher, Marcel, Stracca, Livio
905A persistence-weighted measure of core inflation in the euro areaStracca, Livio, Bilke, Laurent
904Does money matter in the IS curve? The case of the UKJones, Barry E., Stracca, Livio
841Should we take inside money seriously?Stracca, Livio
811Instability and nonlinearity in the euro area Phillips curveStracca, Livio, Musso, Alberto, van Dijk, Dick
704Are money and consumption additively separable in the euro area? A non-parametric approachJones, Barry E., Stracca, Livio
696What is global excess liquidity, and does it matter?Rüffer, Rasmus, Stracca, Livio
600A speed limit monetary policy rule for the euro areaStracca, Livio
542Liquidity and real equilibrium interest rates: a framework of analysisStracca, Livio
520Delegated portfolio management: a survey of the theoretical literatureStracca, Livio
444Keeping up with the Joneses, reference dependence, and equilibrium indeterminacyal-Nowaihi, Ali, Stracca, Livio
244How does the ECB allot liquidity in its weekly main refinancing operations? A look at the empirical evidenceEjerskov, Steen, Martin Moss, Clara, Stracca, Livio
203Myopic loss aversion, disappointment aversion, and the equity premium puzzleStracca, Livio, Fielding, David
161The optimal allocation of risks under prospect theoryStracca, Livio
129Non-standard central bank loss functions, skewed risks, and certainty equivalenceBacké, Peter, Stracca, Livio
79Does liquidity matter? Properties of a synthetic divisia monetary aggregate in the euro areaStracca, Livio
51The functional form of the demand for euro area M1Stracca, Livio