Musso, Alberto

Monetary Policy


Monetary Analysis

Current position

Lead Economist

Fields of interest

Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics


  • 2005
    PhD in Economics (EUI)
  • 1996
    MA in Economics (University of Manchester)
  • 1994
    Laurea in Economia e Commercio (Universitá di Firenze)
Professional experience
  • 2014-
    Senior Economist/Principal Economist/Lead Economist, Monetary Analysis Division, Directorate General Monetary Policy, European Central Bank
  • 2008-2013
    Senior Economist, Monetary Policy Stance Division, Directorate General Economics, European Central Bank
  • 2000-2007
    Economist/Senior Economist, Euro Area Macroeconomic Developments Division, Directorate General Economics, European Central Bank

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Journal publications

Haroon Mumtaz and Alberto Musso
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Economic Modelling, vol. 28 (4), July 2011, pp. 1842-56
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International Journal of Central Banking, vol. 5 (2), June 2009, pp. 181-212
Tommaso Proietti, Alberto Musso and Thomas Westermann
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Alberto Musso and Steven Phillips
Comparing Projections and Outcomes of IMF-supported Programs
IMF Staff Papers, vol. 49 (1), 2002, pp. 22-48

Other publications

Alberto Musso
Basic characteristics of the euro area business cycle
Growth and Cycle in the Eurozone, G.L. Mazzi and G. Savio (eds), Palgrave McMillan, pp. 275-288.