Jarociński, Marek

Other current responsibilities
  • Secretary, Editorial Board of the ECB Working Papers Series
  • 2000-2006
    PhD in Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
  • 1996-1997
    MSc in Economics, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • 1992-1996
    BA in Economics, Warsaw University, Poland
Professional experience
  • 2006-
    Economist/Senior Economist - Monetary Policy Research Division, International Policy Analysis Division, Forecasting and Policy Modelling Division
  • 1997-2000
    Researcher - Center for Social and Economic Research CASE, Warsaw
Teaching experience
  • 2008-
    Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Bayesian time series courses in the Master of Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets
  • 2009-2017
    Short courses at the European Central Bank (2009,2010), Goethe University Frankfurt (2012), Deutsche Bundesbank (2013), Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School (2013-2015), Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (2014), Center for Central Banking Studies of the Bank of England (2014), London Business School (2017)
  • 2006
    Klaus Liebscher Award - award from the Central Bank of Austria for the paper Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks in the East and the West of Europe: A Comparison

ECB Research bulletin

ECB Working Paper Series

Journal publications

Jarociński, M. and Marcet, A.
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Bobeica, E. and Jarociński, M.
Missing disinflation and missing inflation: a VAR perspective
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Macroeconomic stabilization, monetary-fiscal interactions, and Europe's monetary union
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