Smets, Frank

No. Title Authors
2076Structural asymmetries and financial imbalances in the eurozoneIvan Jaccard, Frank Smets
1767Labour market adjustments in Europe and the US: How different?Frank Smets, Robert C. M. Beyer
1571Professional forecasters and the real-time forecasting performance of an estimated new keynesian model for the euro areaFrank Smets, Anders Warne, Raf Wouters
1514Booms and systemic banking crisesFrank Smets, Fabrice Collard, Frédéric Boissay
1336A monetary policy strategy in good and bad times: lessons from the recent pastFrank Smets, Oreste Tristani, Roberto Motto, Massimo Rostagno, Stephan Fahr
1153The determination of wages of newly hired employees: survey evidence on internal versus external factorsKamil Galuščák, Mary Keeney, Daphne Nicolitsas, Frank Smets, Pawel Strzelecki, Matija Vodopivec
960On implications of micro price data for macro modelsFrank Smets, Bartosz Maćkowiak
891House Prices and the stance of Monetary Policy.Frank Smets, Marek Jarociński
884A quantitative perspective on optimal monetary policy cooperation between the US and the euro areaStéphane Adjemian, Matthieu Darracq Pariès, Frank Smets
858International transmission and monetary policy cooperationGünter Coenen, Giovanni Lombardo, Frank Smets, Roland Straub
818Is time ripe for price level path stability?Frank Smets, David Vestin, Ví­tor Gaspar
722Shocks and frictions in US business cycles: a Bayesian DSGE approachFrank Smets, Raf Wouters
719US imbalances: the role of technology and policyRudolfs Bems, Luca Dedola, Frank Smets
648Firm-specific production factors in a DSGE model with Taylor price settingFrank Smets, Raf Wouters, Gregory de Walque
644Adaptive learning, persistence, and optimal monetary policyFrank Smets, David Vestin, Ví­tor Gaspar
491On the fit and forecasting performance of New-Keynesian modelsFrank Smets, Raf Wouters, Marco Del Negro, Frank Schorfheide
391Comparing shocks and frictions in US and euro area business cycles: a Bayesian DSGE approachFrank Smets, Raf Wouters
389Forecasting with a Bayesian DSGE model: an application to the euro areaFrank Smets, Raf Wouters
364Asset price booms and monetary policyCarsten Detken, Frank Smets
250Persistence, the transmission mechanism and robust monetary policyPeter Backé, Frank Smets, Günter Coenen
171An estimated stochastic dynamic general equilibrium model of the euro areaFrank Smets, Raf Wouters
165The industry effects of monetary policy in the euro areaGert Peersman, Frank Smets
160Model uncertainty and the equilibrium value of the real effective euro exchange rateCarsten Detken, Jérôme Henry, Frank Smets, Alistair Dieppe, Carmen Marin
128Openness, imperfect exchange rate pass-through and monetary policyFrank Smets, Raf Wouters
91The monetary transmission mechanism in the euro area: more evidence from VAR analysisGert Peersman, Frank Smets
78Investment and monetary policy in the euro areaBenoît Mojon, Frank Smets, Philip Vermeulen
59Uncertain potential output: implications for monetary policyMichael Ehrmann, Frank Smets
52Are the effects of monetary policy in the euro area greater in recessions than in booms?Gert Peersman, Frank Smets
24What horizon for price stabilityFrank Smets