Roland Straub

No. Title Authors
1557 On the international spillovers of US quantitative easing Marcel Fratzscher, Marco Lo Duca, Roland Straub
1483 Gauging the effects of fiscal stimulus packages in the euro area Günter Coenen, Roland Straub, Mathias Trabandt
1456 Bubble thy neighbor: portfolio effects and externalities from capital controls Kristin Forbes, Marcel Fratzscher, Thomas Kostka, Roland Straub
1438 Asset market participation, monetary policy rules and the great inflation Florin O. Bilbiie, Roland Straub
1429 Fiscal policy and the 'Great Recession' in the euro area Günter Coenen, Roland Straub, Mathias Trabandt
1230 Time variation in U.S. wage dynamics Boris Hofmann, Gert Peersman, Roland Straub
1172 Size, openness, and macroeconomic interdependence Alexander Chudik, Roland Straub
1122 Monetary Policy Shocks and Portfolio Choice Marcel Fratzscher, Christian Saborowski, Roland Straub
1040 The external and domestic side of macroeconomic adjustment in China Roland Straub, Christian Thimann
1014 Asset prices and current account fluctuations in G7 economies Marcel Fratzscher, Roland Straub
959 What drives U.S. current account fluctuations? Alina Barnett, Roland Straub
907 Globalisation and the euro area: simulation based analysis using the New Area Wide Model Roland Straub, Pascal Jacquinot
902 Fiscal consolidation in the euro area: long-run benefits and short-run costs. Günter Coenen, Matthias Mohr, Roland Straub
858 International transmission and monetary policy cooperation Günter Coenen, Giovanni Lombardo, Frank Smets, Roland Straub
795 Assessing the impact of a change in the composition of public spending: a DSGE approach Roland Straub, Ivan Tchakarov
747 Tax reform and labour-market performance in the euro area: a simulation-based analysis using the New Area-Wide Model Günter Coenen, Peter McAdam, Roland Straub
513 Does government spending crowd in private consumption? Theory and empirical evidence for the euro area Günter Coenen, Roland Straub
373 Technology shocks and robust sign restrictions in a euro area SVAR Gert Peersman, Roland Straub
328 Non-fundamental exchange rate volatility and welfare Roland Straub, Ivan Tchakarov