Backé, Peter

No. Title Authors
687Credit growth in Central and Eastern Europe: new (over)shooting stars?Balázs Égert, Peter Backé, Tina Zumer
317Fiscal policy and inflation volatilityPeter Backé
268The output composition puzzle: a difference in the monetary transmission mechanism in the euro area and U.S.Peter Backé, Anil K. Kashyap, Benoît Mojon, Daniele Terlizzese
250Persistence, the transmission mechanism and robust monetary policyPeter Backé, Frank Smets, Günter Coenen
240Monetary policy transmission in the euro area: any changes after EMU?Michael Ehrmann, Peter Backé
223Optimal monetary policy with imperfect common knowledgePeter Backé
222Inflation dynamics and subjective expectations in the United StatesMario Padula, Peter Backé
209A framework for collateral risk control determinationDidier Cossin, Fernando González, Zhijiang Huang, Peter Backé
177A theory of the currency denomination of international tradeEric Van Wincoop, Peter Backé
132Inflation dynamics and dual inflation in accession countries: a \'New Keynesian\' perspectiveDiego Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Christian Thimann, Peter Backé
129Non-standard central bank loss functions, skewed risks, and certainty equivalencePeter Backé, Livio Stracca
122New technologies and productivity growth in the euro areaFocco Vijselaar, Peter Backé
114Monetary Transmission in the Euro Area : Where Do We Stand?Anil K. Kashyap, Benoît Mojon, Daniele Terlizzese, Peter Backé
61Diffusion index-based inflation forecasts for the euro areaJérôme Henry, Ricardo Mestre, Peter Backé
60A multi-country trend indicator for euro area inflation: computation and propertiesJérôme Henry, Ricardo Mestre, Peter Backé